Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lonely Sailor

The past couple of days we've been out and about having play dates and it's been so nice to stay busy with people who can relate to our daily life. As I've said before, I really appreciate my time with my girlfriends who don't have children, (although I kinda wish they would!!!) but I also enjoy my time with my friends who do, because nobody understands life better than someone who is living it just as crazy as we are! You may recall an old post I wrote about The Six Friends Every Mom Needs. Well, these are my 'In The Same Boat' friends. You know, the ones who stop me from jumping OUT of the boat every now and then!

A while back I started a Moms group in the area, which has since grown to Moms and Dads. It's been a work in progress - but a good way for me to get out and meet new people who might want to jump in my boat every once in a while. A play date here and there and a fun way to let the kiddos socialize with other little ones. Through the group I've reconnected with friends and acquaintances who've lost touch over the years and gotten to know completely new people who have the same intentions I do. The funny thing about having kids is that it's all you really need to have in common with someone to hit it off at the playground - kids! Some of the other parent's I've been meeting up with are people I've never met and yet we shake hands, say hello and then all of a sudden you're wiping their kids' nose and sharing snacks while we swap recipes or compare potty training methods. These friendships are truly effortless and without them I would be a lonely sailor! I mean, Mother... 


  1. I like that you made your own "moms" group. I should have done that when I moved out there. Its the best way to meet new people and get out of the house. Kudos to you Lynden Laundry! I'd jump in your boat too if I weren't so far away.

    - Nahir

    1. Thank you Nahir! It definitely helps to keep me from getting those 'stay at home mama' blues that come with being stuck in the house alone all the time. And near or far, you're always in my boat! :)


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