Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life Lately.

Gavin taking the boat out for a spin!

Owen couldn't find his other slipper, so Mason took off one of his socks and gave it to him!

A little Mickey reading material

My niece, Lisamarie needed some father-daughter dance shopping help!

Chocolate Chip to share! ( 26Acts )

My niece, Ella turned 3 and my MIL created these little hobby horses as party favors! 

Benefits of a mother who likes to bake!

Brothers stick together!

Found in Owen's preschool backpack, he drew himself with our dog Rocco

Whose that handsome guy? Btw, I am secretly obsessed with that bag to the left :-/

Says he needed to cool off...?

Happy 3 Ella Bella!

Visited a giant play place and this pirate ship kept us busy

Oh, just hanging out.

You talkin' to me??

My helpful one year old decided to feed the dog. Thanks Gav!

First time using Panko bread crumbs! YUM!!

Mase set up a bed for the three of them

White lasagna with chicken and spinach..Mmm

These didn't last long in our house!

Harassing the neighbors


Presenting....Captain America!!!!

Kid loves his (fake) glasses

Puppy Love

Comfort food brought to you by yours truly

Dog Days

Five years FLY by.

The future of Utz Quality Foods

Employee of the Month

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