Monday, March 18, 2013

The Family Bed

Ohhh, the family bed... If you've been reading my posts regularly, you've probably gathered that we do have somewhat of a family bed. But not really by choice. While a family bed can be great for some people, I think we'd prefer to just see our family in their own beds. So, what's the problem then? Well... The truth is - we're tired. Really tired. It would be great to have our bed all to ourselves as an escape from our little monsters, but it just isn't so. Every now and then we've put our foot down and said, "This is it. Tonight you will not come in our bed!" ...but as the middle of the night approaches and Eric and I are exhausted, we hear that pitter patter of little feet tip-toeing down the hall and feel them quietly sliding into their designated spots, turning it into the 'family bed'. And to be completely honest, I just don't have the energy to put up a fight. Call me a pushover if you'd like, I know. I could be more firm and lay down the law. But most nights I just find it easier to curl up in my little corner with a dog snuggled in behind my knees, a three year old nestled in my back, and a five year old resting his little head along my feet. Oh, and my husband in there somewhere too. Let me just say, thank God that little Gavin sleeps in his crib. Thank God!

Anyways, yesterday Eric decided that he'd had enough. Again. He announced that the boys would be sleeping in their own beds all night, no matter what. Ugh. Although I appreciate his intentions, that really kinda stinks for me too. This meant it was going to be a LONG night for all of us. But, he was right. Our boys are getting bigger - and our bed is not. All day Eric reminded them what was coming and they went back and forth between moments of whining and determination. Mostly whining. Then they'd start in with all the things they think would help...a chart, a light, some music, new pictures for the wall, new get it. In past attempts to kick these boys out we've actually entertained all of these ideas at some point. Needless to say it hasn't worked so this time all bets were off. "No. Nothing. Everything is fine and there's no reason why you can't do it. No negotiations this time!" ...And more whining.

Night time came and they went to sleep in their beds perfectly fine, as always. Then just as Eric and I head off to bed, pitter patter. "NO! Back to bed!" Ughhhhh. And so it carried on throughout the night. Constant ups and downs from both us and them. Tucking in, consoling, yelling, crying. (I'll let you decide who did which) What. A. Long. Night. BUT, we did it. We stuck to our guns and didn't let them in our bed. Granted we're all beyond tired and crabby today, but at least we did it, right? Hopefully we can stick to it this time and reclaim our bed once and for all! 

Wish us luck for tonight!
PS. That cute 'family bed' picture on top - NOT how we look at night :P 

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  1. Good luck!! It'll be worth it in the long run! :)


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