Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pallet-y Goodness.

If you've ever dabbled in pinterest at all, I'm sure you're well aware of the pallet phenomenon. Pallets are basically the be all and end all for DIY projects right now. You can make anything from a planter to an entire house with a pallet and because you'll find it tucked by a dumpster behind your grocery store after you bought your milk and eggs, it's meant to be - and FREE! Are you sold? Well, maybe after you see all these great photos you will be because that's what got me. I've been seeing them for quite a while now and because I didn't have any pallets or the motivation to go sneaking behind Market Basket, I haven't really stepped up to trying any of them myself. Until now. Of course by 'trying them myself', I totally mean making a 'honey-do' list. Not that I won't attempt to pull out some sandpaper at all, but I prefer to be the one designing the pieces whereas Eric tends to do a little better with a hammer and nails.

This week I came across some other beautiful little pallet projects and decided I had to see for myself what all the hype was about. I pulled out my phone and texted Eric, "I need pallets." followed by a dozen or so picture messages of all the amazing things we (he) would be making in the near future! Last night while we were going over which projects we actually wanted to tackle he asked, "Lyn, are we just going to have our entire house made out of pallets?" ...To which I quickly replied, "Technically we could....see!"

Not that I intend on building anything like that, but I do think it's pretty impressive that someone actually did! I can't wait to start hoarding pallets and creating handy little things like headboards, shelves and tables! Have you ever made something out of a pallet before? If so, share your stories with me! If you have yet to get reeled in by their awesomeness, check out the photos below and I will have you dumpster diving in no time!

Stay tuned for an update on this post because I assure you, I will have plenty of pallet-y goodness to share!! If you're interested in the tutorials for these other pictures, you can find some of them here!

***PS. No sooner than I finished this post did my husband create our first little bit of pallet project! Check out these awesome shelves he whipped up in about two minutes! Yayyy!!
(Don't mind my lighting! This was my poor attempt at photography lighting at night...aka shining a lamp with one hand and an iphone camera in the other! Ha!)


  1. That husband of yours is a real keeper! No procrastination here!!!


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