Tuesday, March 12, 2013

26 Acts

Please take two minutes and watch this video! I promise, you will be inspired!

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT happened back in December, but it's surely not been forgotten. And certainly not by the families who lost loved ones on that sad day. The whole world was shook and the questions and anger, the sadness and helplessness...it filled the hearts of us all. But what was even more overwhelming than all that, was the positive energy that poured out of Newtown. The people of that community and the families of victims, they all preached of love and light and it spoke immeasurably to the character of this small town and the memories of those that were lost. In an attempt to honor the memory of the victims, the world has taken to the '26 Acts'. (explained in the video above) I for one, am inspired. Do one random act of kindness in memory of each Sandy Hook Victim and promote good in the world. Simple enough, right?

 In the video there is a part where a woman holds up a card she found on the window of her car (part of a strangers 26 Acts) and inside is written, "How do you fight evil in this world? You fight it with good!" ...I couldn't agree more.

 Join me in committing to being part of the 26 Acts movement and spread a little love and light of your own!

Are you in??
 PS. Read more about the 26 Acts here.

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