Thursday, January 31, 2013

My polar opposite soul sister.

Happy Friday! Do you have big plans for your weekend? I'm looking forward to spending quality time with my mother and sister! We're super excited for a girls weekend together! I have to admit,  I've always sort of imagined just picking up and taking off for a trip, but needless to say, having three small children makes that rather difficult. Pre-Motherhood I only traveled a handful of times, mostly because I was young and in school, too busy making plans for my future. Well, guess what friends? The future will come whether you stop and take a week and go to Hawaii or not. So take the trip. Save those pennies and start planning ahead of time because before you know it, you'll be a stay at home mother with a husband and three babies in tow!

Now, of course that's not to say I don't love my life in every single way, because I do. If you know me, have met me, or are reading this post right now...that goes without saying. However, I do admire those who live a life of spontaneity. To be a young and single woman and have the world at your finger tips - to take on whatever, whenever, wherever you so choose... Sounds exhilarating, don't you think? Well, it is. And I know this because one of my very best friends, Krista, IS that woman. She's incredible. I always say that in my next life, we can trade places because our lives are polar opposites. Which I find hilarious because on the inside we are so similar. She's what I guess I'll call, my 'soul sister', if you will! She's a gorgeous, young, free spirit in a sense...but in a smart, responsible and organized kind of way! She lives right in the heart Los Angeles and lives life to the fullest with her two pups by her side. As of late, she has traveled to beautiful Costa Rica! Before that, Singapore. Oh, before that? Bali. And yes still, before that...Australia.

Is that not unreal? Like I said, she's incredible. Oh, and did I mention she's a photographer as well? So not only is she visiting these breathtaking destinations, but she's capturing these moments with the most amazing shots along the way! I really can't do much justice by just telling you about it, so I'll do better and share her journey with you all! Visit her at Sex + Grand and be sure to tell her that you've found her in The Laundry Room!
^^^ Krista and I getting ready on my wedding day!^^^
Below are a few of my faves from her travel adventures that just scream, "Krista!!" 

Have a great weekend! And if you do plan on booking, check out this great post on travel deals and steals!

Chicken Fried.

Micah Johnson, Auditions Long Beach ~ American... by HumanSlinky

WOW. This video says enough in itself for today! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The hands that helped me through.

(photo courtesy of google images)

There's just something about baby hands... So sweet and innocent, soft tiny things in comparison to our own, and perfect symbols of how fresh and new they really are. Not to mention when they reach out and hold yours! A newborn grasping your single finger is one of the most precious things you'll ever experience...and as those hands grow, we hope that they'll continue to hold ours for just a little while. While we teach them to walk, cross the street, lead them into school, walk them down the aisle, the list goes on...we're there holding them. But sometimes holding those sweet little hands are their way of being there for us too.

Last week my three year old, Mason woke up with a terrible toothache, followed by a swollen face, an infected mouth, and pain like nobody's business! It was awful to watch him hurting like that and I wanted nothing more than to take his pain away. After doctors visits, medications and a really long weekend it was finally decided that he needed to have a tooth removed. While I struggled with the fact that my funny little red headed boy would have to go a few years without a front tooth, I suddenly realized what I was really facing. Anesthesia!! Mason would have to be put under in order to have his tooth extracted and I was petrified to say the least. After seeking advice from parents with similar experiences and some really great friends, I decided to be strong and do what was needed to fix my little guy.

Yesterday came and Mason and I headed out early for his appointment with the oral surgeon. "They just want to check your tooth," I said. I had been second guessing my plan of attack, I hoped that I was doing the right thing by not scaring him to death before we even arrived. He was so scared and cried on the ride over saying, " Mama, my teethies feel all better. I don't need no doctors." My heart broke. I reassured him all would be fine and held his hand as we walked in the office. Through check-ins and preparations and meeting nurse after nurse I held his scared little hands and promised he'd be okay.

Finally, they came in our room with a little shot that they'd use to put my boy to 'sleep'. "Lights on but nobody's home," our doctor explained. So I hugged him tight while they did their jobs and rocked him as I slowly felt him getting heavier. They said I should lay him in the chair so they could monitor him better and I reluctantly did what they asked. But I couldn't let him go completely. As he laid there drifting in and out seemingly comfortable and calm, I was now the scared one in the room. I bent down and leaned over the side of his chair and slid my fingers into his. Did he even realize my hand was there? I don't know. But somehow it didn't matter. I needed him now. I held on tightly and rubbed my fingers back and forth over his and ran my fingers through his hair while a few nurses looked on and made small talk. "Those hands!" "There's just something about baby hands." ...I could hear them talking as they watched us, and they were right. There is just something about them. We hold them for so long as we're helping them grow and sometimes when we don't even realize it, they're helping us by holding ours too. When all was said and done, Mason did a fantastic job with his surgery and we couldn't be more proud of our brave boy. He has been home recovering and you'd barely know he went through this at all. I on the other hand remember every part of it and will be forever grateful for those little hands that helped me through.

 This morning after Mase realized the tooth fairy came! He got $2 and the first thing he said? "I got two so now I can share with Owen!!" Once again, making me beam with pride!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When you just can't win.

Ya know those times when you feel like you just can't win? You do one thing and it's not right, so you do the opposite and of course, that's not right either. What do you do?? I make banana bread.

Every time I go grocery shopping my children want bananas. They love them and when they're on hand, they'd eat them all day if I let them. I always try to buy a big bunch to ensure we've got enough to last more than the day I bring them home, but without fail...they're gone in an instant. Or a couple of days anyways. Little Gavin stands at the counter pointing while he yells, "Anana, Anana!!!" Until I give in and hand him one. Mason has taken it upon himself to climb the counter and get them on his own now. And then there's responsible Owen who still chooses to ask for them, but is sure to add that Mase already took one so its not fair if I say no. Who knew bananas could cause so much trouble, right?? 

This last trip to do groceries I decided to do the only thing I thought would resolve our ongoing banana dilemma and I bought a ton of them.  I bought half that were nice and yellow and ready to be stolen by the little monkeys, and half that were firm and green that would hopefully ripen by the time our first batch had disappeared. I thought for sure I had this figured out! Did I? Nope! These little monsters ate them for a couple of days and apparently that was enough because they left that second bunch sitting there rotting for days!!! I couldn't believe it. Those little banana thieves all of a sudden didn't want them anymore, and there I was watching them get all spotted and brown and taunting me as a reminder of how my plan had failed. 

I bought bananas and they weren't enough, I bought more bananas and it was too much. I wanted to give up. But when you can't win no matter what, sometimes all you can do is make banana bread. (at least when dealing with bananas) Finally, I took those brown, mushy bananas and turned them into a lovely little banana bread. And ya know what? They ate it! They were so excited smelling it baking in the oven and couldn't wait to try it. They were asking for seconds in no time! I guess my plan didn't fail after all and eventually they did eat the bananas in one way or another. Sometimes when life throws you around a bit, you just have to look at things a little differently and work with what you have...
 ...even if all you have is rotten bananas. 

Banana Bread

1/2 c softened butter
1 c sugar
2 eggs
1ish c bananas ( I just throw a few rotten ones in)
2 c flour
1 tbsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 c nuts (we didn't have any so ours was nut free)

Mix butter and sugar. Add remaining ingredients. Pour in loaf pan. 
Bake @350 for about 45min until inserted knife comes out dry. Enjoy!!! 
The boys love theirs fresh out of the oven with butter!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Fab 5.

Have you ever heard of The Fab 5? Me neither. Until this weekend, anyways. Apparently they're a group of gorgeous, young, happening, and as the name states - fabulous women....and I'm one of them! Let me explain...

On Friday night I was part of a group that put together a karaoke event in memory of my friend, Ryan 'Quazie' King, who passed away almost eleven years ago. Our goal was to raise money to purchase a memorial bench in his name. After our first attempt with 'Quazie Ball' last Spring, we had raised half of the $5000 needed. Friday we planned 'Quazie-Oke' in hopes of completing the purchase and it was a huge success! WE DID IT!!! 

At the event there were all kinds of people who had enough courage to get up there and let loose with their inner rock stars...I however, was not one of them. I watched these people get up on that stage with such admiration. Some had great voices, some not so great, some brave enough to fly solo and some who chose a duet, serious attempts from people who seemed to be auditioning for American Idol and others who rocked out with hilariously funny songs that had the whole place laughing and singing along. The one thing they all had in common? They were having SO much fun! 

A group of my friends and I had been catching up in the background for a while when we couldn't help but notice the show taking place all around us. We had been joking around and teasing each other about what songs we'd sing or how many drinks we'd need to muster up some liquid courage. Finally, one of my girlfriends Kaitlin, decided she wasn't going to wait any longer and took it upon herself to march up to that DJ and sign us all up for a group performance of  the classic, 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. As she approached us with the 'good news' she declared, "I said we were The Fab 5!!" What?!? Were we really gonna do this? Hmm...why not!? If I was going to get up there and do a little number it might as well be with four of my favorite girls since grade school! I don't think the other three ladies shared the same enthusiasm as Kait and I, so I think I'll start referring to them as the not so fabulous portion of the group ;) sorry girls! 

As we sat around that bar sharing stories, laughing and taking pictures to duplicate ones we took as kids, I kept an ear out for The Fab 5 to be called out over the speakers. The night carried on and song after song was played while those brave performers took the stage. Eventually, the party started to die down and the crowd was dwindling and I began to realize that The Fab 5 might never make their debut. We never did get a chance to sing that night but I do have high hopes for the future of The Fab 5.  Maybe even a new found confidence that'll give me the courage to be one of those people that I had been admiring throughout the night. We've I've already started planning our next girls night and even if it ends up being us standing on the living room couch singing into our hair brushes, I fully intend on making 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' a performance we'll remember forever!

"The Fab 5"
Christy, Lynden, Sophia, Tiffany, Kaitlin

PS. To my group members,
Thank you for a fabulous night out and know that this is not the end...The Fab 5 is making a comeback!! Until next time... xo

Friday, January 25, 2013


Every now and then I like to pretend to be among the likes of Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and Paula Deen. The truth is, I'm more of a "Ten Dollar Dinners" or "Semi-Homemade" kinda girl. If you watch food network at all, you probably got that reference but if not, those are the shows featured for the 'not so fancy chefs'...Well, cat's outta the bag - that's me! Not that I don't know how to whip up a good meal by any means, but I certainly don't have the talent that those women do! I would much rather google a few recipes and then swing open the cabinet doors and see if any of those ingredients ring a bell. If they do, into the pot they go! Usually I end up with a pretty decent meal for the family so I guess it's working for me!

^^^ ME ^^^ 

Every year when my children or their cousins have a birthday it's pretty much assumed that my mother in law is going to be doing the baking. She's never had any experience, but after a few really good cupcakes she didn't really have a choice anymore. Once we come up with a birthday 'theme' we usually throw out ideas and she comes up with some sort of fabulous birthday treat for our little ones!

 Some of Laurie's famous birthday treats from over the years!

Do you bake? Do you like to pretend you can bake, like me? Or maybe you'd just like to be part of 'something bigger than yourself'?? Well, if any of the above apply to you, consider entering the "Team Tommy Cupcake Festival" on February 9th! If you recall my recent post, "Doing good does you good" you'll see that my husband just participated in an event with Team Tommy and we were so glad we did! This time, they're at it again to celebrate Tommy turning 7 years old and using money raised to help local families affected by pediatric cancer. It's free to enter the contest, and all you have to do is show up to the event with at least six cupcakes to be judged. Then stay for the bake sale after and buy some of your favorites to take home! You can find more info on that event HERE Doesn't it sound like fun? Especially, if you have kids who are old enough to help you in the kitchen...what a great way to teach about giving back to others! 

Are you planning to enter? ...To attend? There's even info if you'd like to judge! I'm thinking about trying my hand at baking, but at the very least I'll probably have to stop by to taste some of the cupcakes! Maybe you'll even see my mother in law there, I'm hoping this post will convince her to enter!! 

Have a good weekend, friends!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Memory Lane

Do you keep a memory box? You know, the little box where you store all those little keepsakes like a picture of you and your best friend when you were twelve, a ticket stub from your first movie date, a letter your grandmother gave you...those kinds of things. Well, I do. Or I did anyways. You'd think I'd be more sentimental about those things now that I have children but I guess I'm still pretty sentimental, I'm just too preoccupied with the children themselves to remember to save everything!

 Memory Boxes

Back when I was a kid, probably say, pre-teen up until having my own kids, I kept all sorts of things like that! I eventually bought these two big red hat boxes and deemed them my 'memory boxes'. I had a big one to store all my 'friend' items and the smaller one held all my 'boyfriend' items once Eric and I met. I would hold on to all kinds of pictures, (because back then we actually printed them) mini golf score cards from dates, funny birthday cards from friends, little notes folded into footballs from back in highschool, I even saved a napkin from Applebees because it was Eric and I's favorite spot when we started dating! Overboard? Maybe. But it was sweet and I always loved getting home and tucking them away in their safe place, and then pulling them out on a rainy day or when I needed a reminder of just how great my life was. As my life changed with time, so did my memory boxes. What was once my small 'Eric' box, soon became overflowing with keepsakes and my 'friend' box slowly started to look a little lacking. I felt somewhat guilty when I noticed, but with time I decided that it was okay to swap them and in a way it represented my life too. Not that I didn't love my friends just as much, but I guess that's what happens when you start to grow up and find relationships, right? 

Life changes...but with my little boxes there to remind me, the memories don't. It was sort of comforting at times. As I get older and my life is different, it's kind of nice to remember what's in those boxes and a time when everything was just that way. I still have my memory boxes stored away and every now and then I go digging in the basement and pull them out for a walk down memory lane. Care to take a stroll with me??



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Lately.

Life lately, or more like in the past couple of years, has been full of everything you might think it would with a family of five. Yes, I said five. Because after scrolling through my old posts I realized I sort of jumped from being half way through a pregnancy to all of a sudden being thankful it was Wednesday. Well, somewhere in between all that I did give birth so don't worry, he's not still in there!

 Meet baby Gavin! 
...Who is now 18 months old!

Throughout my pregnancy with Gavin and the time following his birth we also made our way back to Massachusetts, and spent some quality time with my parents. (and by that I mean crashing in their spare bedroom for months until we could close on a house) And finally we did. Back to where we started out and finally settled in our home for over a year now. Amazing how time flies! 

Here's a family picture in our front yard at Mason's 3rd birthday last September

Also in the fall Owen started preschool! He goes right down the street from our house two mornings a week and loves it! He turned five in November but missed the kindergarten cutoff so I've come to realize my already super big boy will probably be the giant in his class next year. I guess no one will mess with him, right? He's also been playing soccer in the Spring and Fall where Eric has been his coach! Mason is still too young but likes to be 'assistant coach' for Daddy. Mason spends most of his time trying to be Owen by getting ready for school and soccer and whatever other thing Owen decides to take an interest in. For now, Owen seems to like the admiration but I'm pretty sure that will turn to annoying far too soon. Maybe at that point Gavin and Mason will bond more? Perhaps when Owen does start kindergarten they'll shift roles in the family...time will tell! Gavin has already started to try and tag along with them lately. He imitates their dance moves, runs after them in the house and will do mostly anything they tell him to. Perfect little brother! Here's some memorable moments of the three of them and some others that I just can't resist! 
P.S. Here's where I get picture crazy...Enjoy! Or don't! :) 
 July, 2011... Playing with their new 'toy'
My three sons <3
Superbowl 2012 reppin' the Pats!!
Why are these guys in my cribby, Ma?
 Wild boys in Spring 2012
 May 2012 visiting the Palmquists in VA
 Boston Fans...Go Red Sox!
 The Brat Pack
Daddy helped build a snowman last month after the storm, and with muscles!!
  Sweet Gavin, waking up with bed head just last week, and playing toys
 Mason on Thanksgiving and then practicing his name!
 Owen's Fall pix, Soccer and First day of preschool!

As for other news, Eric now works for Utz and loves his job in Human Resources! I'm still at the same job as before, stay at home Mama to the crazy, exhausting, adorable little boys and loving it every single day...even when I don't like it! ;) 

Hopefully you enjoyed this little update and now I can feel less guilt about moving forward without acknowledging my third child! Haha! I'm sure there's things I forgot to mention that have probably had some significance along the way, but for now this should suffice. Hope you've all had a great couple of years as well and I look forward to posting again in 2015!!! Just kidding...I hope! 
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