Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Press Here.

Recently I found my children reading together more often. Gotta be honest, I sort of love it. Is there anything sweeter than your oldest baby reading a book to your other two babies?? I mean, I guess they're not babies...and I guess Owen's not quite reading yet. BUT, the good news is that doesn't really matter. His audience doesn't seem to mind and they're all enjoying themselves, and so am I. A favorite of ours  is one that my mother in law had gifted to the boys a while back. I had never heard of it before that and I can't believe I hadn't! Back in my preschool days I thought I was pretty up on all the good ones out there but apparently this was a hidden gem. Nice find, Gramma! I guess by now you're probably wondering what book it is, huh? Sorry, should have started with that part maybe... Anyhow, the book is called Press Here and it is the cutest, funnest, most interactive children's book. It's pretty much pages of colored dots. Interesting, right? No? Well, there's also directions that go along with the pages telling you to do different things like, "Turn the book slightly to the left", at which point you'll turn the page and all the dots will be crammed on the left side of the page. It's a great book to read with your little ones and my guys certainly get into the 'magic' of it all. If you have kids, know kids, want kids - this one's a keeper!

To buy this book, Press Here . (pun intended!)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Two!

To my sweet boy on your second birthday...

Dear Gavin,

Today you are officially two years old! (you've actually told everyone you're two for the past six months or so, but today you are two, so enjoy the truth in that) Where do I even begin? I guess maybe back where it all began... I remember when we first found out you were in Mama's belly. It was Thanksgiving and we were living in Virginia at the time. Your cousins were visiting for the holiday and we were all hanging around playing, talking and waiting for Uncle Dave's turkey to be ready. We had been hoping to have good baby news sometime soon but with company in town I suppose I got a little busy and forgot to look out for those new pregnancy symptoms. After a few jokes about how I could be expecting, Daddy got a little anxious and ran out to the store for a few home pregnancy tests, which he insisted I take while we waited for dinner. Although I felt a little pressure wondering what would come of it, as soon as Daddy's eyes glanced up from those results I knew what would be. It was you! You were growing inside me and the instant love and happiness was overwhelming us both. I talked to Daddy about waiting until later to share the news so that we could just relax and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and he agreed. Until we walked into the next room and Daddy was so excited that he yelled, "LYNDEN'S PREGNANT!!!" and our secret was no more. We celebrated and from that point on we anticipated your arrival all throughout those winter months, a giant move back up north, a hot, hot summer, and a stint at Nana and Pepere's house while we looked for a place to call our own... Phewww. What a long nine months! 

And then you came. You played it nice and slow with delivery, just like your big brothers did...making sure to give me plenty of time to walk the halls of the hospital a bajillion times and eat ice chips in bed while Daddy and I watched old John Travolta movies on the hospital tv. It was actually kinda nice waiting for you. Brothers were anxiously awaiting at home and Daddy and I could relax and enjoy a few moments while we anticipated your arrival. When you made your big appearance we couldn't believe how beautiful you were. The most handsome little baby (along with Owen and Mason) that we had ever seen. You had plenty of hair, so dark and shimmering with golden highlights that the nurses all coveted. Your skin was perfectly smooth and soft, almost sun kissed even. It's like you had been preparing for your big day somehow. We were so in love. We took turns snuggling you, kissing you, smelling your fresh baby goodness. Daddy was just amazed every time he held you. Watching the two of you together made me fall in love with him all over again, too. And just when we thought you couldn't be any more loved, your brothers came to meet you. It was instant pride that came over them. Such joy and excitement beaming from their smiles. They couldn't wait to hold you and show you off to everyone who came to visit. You were everything we hoped for and more.

Where did the time go? Two years too soon. My sweet, baby boy who is not quite a baby anymore is already two years old. The love and excitement we had for you in the beginning has only multiplied since then and is growing more and more every day. You are such a light in our family, our baby. Your brothers too...they cherish you more than I could ever ask for. They love and protect you, are so eager to teach you and care for you and even more proud with every accomplishment you gain. My heart is exploding with love every time I see the three of you sharing those special moments and I know it will never change. You boys have hearts of gold. So full of love for everyone in your lives, so appreciative and caring, reminding Daddy and I to be our best too. You inspire me to be better, little one. I want nothing more than to be the best Mama to you three boys and you make me so proud to do it every day. These past two years with you have been a dream and although it's hard to see my little one grow up, the person you are becoming makes me look forward to tomorrow. Each day with you is something new and while two may not be a baby anymore, you will always be my baby... So bring it on two! We're ready with open arms to see what new things you've got in store for us... (but please take it easy with the terrible part) We love you sweet boy!

Happy Birthday Gavin! 

Love, Love Love, 

PS. Your Birth Announcement! (so glad you weren't a dolphin)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On The Rocks.

Yesterday's post was to remind you that 'I'm here', but today's post is to show you where I'd rather be. And that my friends, is on the rocks. No... Not like a cold drink. (although that's appealing too) And not like that little bar in the next town over. But literally, on the rocks. Recently we headed to the mountains for our annual Laundry Family Vacation and had so so so much fun exhausting ourselves with day after day of family friendly fun. But one day in particular sticks out in my memory and that was a morning Eric and I spent on the rocks by a stream with our little men in tow. We've been before, it's an old playground area behind a firehouse with a path leading out to the water where we usually sit and throw rocks with Grampa. This time it was just us and we tried to just kick back and soak up the sun, enjoy the peace and quiet and take in the views. I guess it worked out the way we hoped because as I sit here from my couch with an ac blowing and kids getting stir crazy, all I can think about is how much I'd rather be on the rocks. See you next year tranquility...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Here.

Today my husband stopped home from work to grab a bite to eat. We chatted and laughed over grilled cheese with the kiddos and then walked him out to say goodbye. While standing in the yard waving to Daddy with my little monsters, my husband backed out of our driveway and yelled, "You should start blogging again!" and then pulled away. I am. Okay, so there was more. I actually hollered back, "I don't want to!" and that's when he laughed and pulled away. What's that about, right? No, I don't mean my husband urging me to do something I love, write. I mean ME. "I don't want to." ...?? Well, why the heck not? And so after some thinking today I would love to tell you all about my earth shattering revelation about why I'm not into writing these days. But truthfully, I don't have anything. Not a single thing. For some time I've been brushing it off with good excuses about how I'm too busy with the summer activities and I don't have time and blah blah blah...but although these sound like good answers, I mean, even I believed them, they're not. Looking back on my days, I surely have a few moments here and there where I could slip in a few words and chose not to.

So, what gives?

I think what it comes down to is that maybe at first I was busy. Maybe I did give myself a summer break for a bit. But then it just became the way it was. You know what I mean, right? Like that time you decided to not go to the gym and sleep in. And then you sort of decided not to go to the gym for like, a whole week. And then that week became a month and you were like, oh crap...I stopped going to the gym! Well, this is my gym. Except I'm not paying for a membership here so you're much worse off than I am. Lucky for me I can just sign into my website and pick up where I left off. AND I haven't lost a penny. Maybe a few readers. But I was a slacker and I deserve that. But pennies, not one. So here I am. Maybe for a day. Maybe all week. Maybe for good. Who knows... But the good news is, I'm here. I'm writing, I'm blogging, and I'm here. So if you can relate, stop procrastinating and just do it. Go to the gym. Or whatever your 'gym' is. Just do it. And maybe someday I'll be at the gym the real one. Until then, I'll be in The Laundry Room.

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