Thursday, March 28, 2013

Airport Lunch

Today we decided to kick back for a lazy day at home. We've been busy with play dates and errands lately and between some nasty coughs and a house that desperately needed to be cleaned, it was time we took a day off to put around the house. The boys were really enjoying hanging around in their pjs, (or if you know my kids, in their undies) while they played 'guys' all morning and I started by tackling the kitchen. Good times. But honestly, well behaved kids and a little pandora radio can make cleaning seem not so bad sometimes! As lunch time approached I decided to take advantage of the weather and surprise my boys with a special date to break up our day. I handed them their clothes and said get dressed and choose a toy airplane and let me know when you're ready. Baffled, they followed my instructions. While they did their part, I secretly prepared a picnic lunch to take with us. I even managed to catch Eric at a good time where he could leave work for a little bit to meet us too! The boys had no idea where we were going and we were all getting excited for the big reveal. Finally we started to pull towards our destination when Mason said, "Mama, I know that's where the airplanes go!" and I replied by saying, "Oh you mean down here?" as I turned down the hill to our little neighborhood airport. They started to yell and cheer and I finally filled them in that we were there to have a picnic lunch. Yayyyy!!

We all got out of the car and started setting up at the picnic table when their final surprise creeped up behind us...Daddy!!! They couldn't have been happier. We all sat down to lunch and walked around checking out all the small airplanes and listening to the airport radio controller on the loud speakers. Lucky for us we even got to see a real airplane landing right in front of us! Since Owen was a baby we've been bringing the kids here to run around and take in the sights while we sit back and soak up these moments we love most!

Too busy eating their snacks to smile...Thanks Mase!
Couldn't help but notice this cute guy watching the planes ;)
Balance beam!
Helping Gavin walk the line
Choosing which ones we'd fly
Apparently he needed this for a leaf collection I don't know about 
Mason the HAM
A perfect afternoon.

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