Friday, March 15, 2013


My littlest monster of all, Gavin, has been growing out his do for quite some time now and I've been having a hard time parting with it. I know it's normal for mother's to have a difficult time with their baby's first hair cut, but we've actually had a handful of haircuts in his short 20 months. It's been about six months or so since the last and I guess I've sort of reattached to that baby hair again. I've been debating the whole 'to cut or not to cut' scenario a while and I always choose the latter. I just love that messy bed head look and running my fingers through during our special moments too. Eric pushes the issue from time to time, but mostly just to give me a hard time, he really doesn't care either way. But lately...lately he just kinda looks like a ragamuffin. While I love that little ragamuffin look, I guess I started questioning whether it was cute or just a big mop on his head. I decided it was probably more of a mop and the time had come to clean up that mess of hair. 

When Eric stopped home for lunch yesterday, I mentioned my wavering decision and he took that as a 'go ahead' and scooped our little ragamuffin up and brought him right to our barber shop, the bathroom. Gav sat on the toilet while Eric took to him with the clippers. I stayed out for a while and when I finally did make my way to peek, I couldn't. I stood there in the doorway with my hands over my eyes saying, "I can't even deal, I can't look!" and Eric and the kids laughed at my drama. Finally, I peeked through my fingers and gasped! "My poor baby has no hair!!!" I watched it fall all over the floor and teared up for a minute, then moved on to making silly faces and squeals to keep him busy while Eric finished up. Afterwards we had to throw him in the tub to wash up and he kept patting his head and we'd say, "Where'd your hair go?" which made him laugh. "All gone!" And it was...and that's okay, because now my cute little ragamuffin is just - cute! See!!


  1. He looks sooo cute! Like a big boy. I remember I was traumatized when your brother shaved Isaacs head. :(


    1. Well thank you! Ill tell him you said so! And yes, same thing for sure. Giving up those little locks is always tough. I told Eric now he looks two and I'm not quite ready for two!

    2. OH EM GEE....HE'S A BOY! Well, duh...but I mean like not a little baby! He looks so grown and handsome! Awww.


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