Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Country Mischief

This weekend I decided to grab my mother and sister and head out for a ride to an adorable country antique store. My family has been familiar with the owners of this store for some time as my Aunt Greta has sold her work here for years, and my mother spent some time working around the shop as well. It wasn't until just within the past year or so that I started finding antiques and 'old' or old looking things to be interesting, and that's always what I sort of thought all this stuff was. Now I look forward to the warm weather so I can head out to a giant flea market or spend the day poking around an antique shop, even if just for a little decor inspiration. I wouldn't call my personal style country by any means, but I think I like a good mix of old and new. I'm still trying to figure out what my actual 'style' is, if you will...but I don't think I really care all that much anyways. If I like it, I like it. If that's enough to get me to buy it, then I suppose it's my style. Simple enough, right?

 The great thing about Country Mischief, the store I visited, is that it has soooo many amazing things tucked in every little nook and cranny. Seriously. You wander through this big old house and each of the rooms are covered from top to bottom and everything is for sale. Artists sell their things to them and then they're resold here for people like me who want to find one of a kind treasures, antiques and even ideas for my own little DIY projects too! They also have a restaurant right in the store and the smell of that country cooking fills the air as you make your way from room to room. Visiting Country Mischief is a little bit like coming home. As we walked in we were warmly welcomed by the owner, Gail, who insisted she make up some hot chocolate topped with whip cream for my big morning away from the children. She chats for a while and sends you on your way where another member of their staff offers up apple cider donuts for our shopping pleasure. It was wonderful walking through this cozy little shop with my warm mug and snapping pictures with my sister and mother while we slowly made our way through taking it all in. It was a fantastic morning and I look forward to visiting again soon to poke around their ever changing treasures!

Half way gone, because I was too busy enjoying it to take pix!
Missing a few bites too... ;)

And the photos below...there are tons of rooms staged as cute as this and literally everything get's sold!!

If you're ever near Templeton, Massachusetts - Stop in at Country Mischief and their second store a few doors down the street. These ladies are the real deal and it's a perfect way to kill some time getting lost in the interesting things you'll find! Tell them, "Greta's sister, Laurie's daughter, Lynden" sent you! ;) But really, just go and enjoy some breakfast and shopping in this adorable store!

Also, visit Greta and Laurie's store here!


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