Monday, March 11, 2013

Mini Vacation.

In an attempt to escape the snowstorm and fight off those winter blues, I surprised Eric and the boys and booked a hotel in Gloucester, Ma over the weekend! Eric was shocked and thrilled to be getting away for a bit and the boys were counting down until they could swim at the indoor pool, eat takeout on the beds, and watch the giant waves crash down at the ocean! We had an amazing mini vacation and who knew staying at a hotel with three little boys could be so fun? We will definitely be planning trips like this more often. I've tried to 'unplug' a little bit more lately so I didn't take too many photos, but as Eric said...we'll remember the time we spent as a family and that's what counts on this one! Here's a few shots we did get from the weekend!

Those last couple pictures gave me flashbacks to this day ...Don't you agree? (more on why my husbands in the ocean in the winter some other day)


  1. Wow! What a good wife! I tell ya....if you weren't married ;-)


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