Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Losing Touch.

Yesterday I popped over to Confessions of a Curvy Girl, another great blog I visit often and found this post about losing touch. I thought it was dead on and although the whole concept has certainly crossed my mind in the past, I wish it did more often. It's so easy to get caught up in being connected through the internet! Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the list goes on... And trust me, I'm as guilty as anyone! But something the Curvies touched upon that really struck a cord was this, "...You saw on FB that I had a funny morning, right? You thought that post was interesting from the Huffington Post. You can see my kids are growing like weeds. But do you know how I am doing as a individual? Anyone can paint a picture." Wow. Is that true or is that true??

We get carried away with our social media and like to think that we actually know what's going on with people or are really in touch with our friends because we visit their 'page' often and 'Like' their pictures on a regular basis. But if I asked, "How are they?" would you know? And, "Her status said she was happy today" is not an acceptable answer. I see my closest friends post pictures of their vacations or their kids accomplishments, I read posts about relationships coming and going and whether they're on a diet...but like the curvies said, "Anyone can paint a picture." It's what you don't see on Facebook that often matters the most. I know for me personally, I share an awful lot about my boys and my crazy life of being a stay at home mother - and all that is a great, fun way to give friends and family a little glimpse of our lives, but isn't that all it really is, a glimpse? It's whatever picture I choose to paint, right? I honestly do enjoy the convenience of social media and the connections it brings to my life, but sometimes, with some people, I crave just a little bit more. If we truly want to keep in touch with friends and family, it takes more than a 'Like' here and there, don't you think?

Pick up the phone, plan a lunch, write a letter, heck I'd even take a private e-mail if you really make it good! If you want to be in someone's life, then actually be in their life! On that note, gotta go share this post on my Facebook!!

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