Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lucky number 7.

Well, hello there! Whereee have you been??? Wait - where have I been?! Just here. Around. Busy. Although we all know you're not really supposed to say that. It's the cliche reply to any question presented that you really have no answer for. Why don't I go to the gym? Busy. Where have you been all week? Busy. Why didn't you write on your blog for the past two years? Busy.


I'm here now. And you're here. And I'm grateful! Thanks for stopping by to say hello and see what's been going on in our lives. We're still just hanging in The Laundry Room...laughing, loving, learning - and let's be real - crying, fighting and exhausted too. But loving just the same.

OH! And we had another baby. If you follow along from a non personal level, you may not know that we've also added a fourth little Laundry to our brood and now yes, the kitchen is closed for any further business. (Yes, I'm 73849370% serious this time) Six is a good number, right?! Seven if you count Rocco. And we do. So seven...Lucky number 7!

Let's keep our greetings short for today. Come back soon to hear more about our seven and all of the great and not so great things we're doing. I won't bother recapping everything now, I'd be here forever. But I'll fill you in as we go and it'll be just like when you missed a week of those soap operas you used to watch when you came home from high school and ate potato chips with oodles of noodles at your best girlfriends house while you gushed over what was happening with Sonny and Jax on General Hospital. Oh, you didn't do that?! Never mind. Just come back and I promise it'll be good.

Until next time!


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