Friday, March 15, 2013

Ta-dah!! (more pallets)

Well, we did it!! Did what? We made a pallet coffee table!!! (Remember the pallets from this post?) Last weekend after our little getaway, my wonderful in-laws offered to take our three munchkins for an overnight. After we hurried to pack their bags thought about it for a bit, we dropped them off and headed home for some much needed Eric and Lynden time! We were pretty exhausted from being away so we decided to lay low at home. A case of beer, bottle of wine, bag of doritos and a couple of pallets later and here's what we came up with!

There's our before pic, which wasn't really the beginning because Eric had already cut and sanded them and I think we had already done a light coat of stain on them too...See, I'm not meant to be a diy blogger because I forget to take pictures as I go, I'm more of a 'ta-dah' blogger. 



PS. Thanks for a wonderful date night Bub! Building tables with you is everything I hoped it would be and more!! xx


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