Sunday, February 10, 2013

A labor of love.

In hopes of helping those who might be having a bad case of the 'Mondays', I thought we could all play a game!! Fun, right? Okay...Here goes!

Which of these things is not like the other?

Okay. Did you pick which one you thought was different? Was it number four?? Ugh. The little red head gave it away, huh? Well, the thing that these other dining sets all have in common is that I desperately want them. Any one of them will do! They're gorgeous aren't they? AND...they're all DIY!! Can you sense my excitement? Seeing these gorgeous farmhouse tables have made me really hopeful that I might finally get my dream dining room without having to drop a few thousand dollars! While it would be much easier to buy one new or wait around and try to find one on craigslist - maybe this will be fun! It can be a labor of love! In the end, I'll feel proud to have actually made my very own gorgeous farmhouse table and will have it sitting in my dining room for all to see! It sounds good in theory, right? Well, let's hope I can follow through and recreate that set I've been dreaming of. Yup, bench and all! (in my opinion the bench makes that look in the first few photos)

I'm hoping to follow the how to instructions from one of these beautiful sets at some point in the very near future. I'm thinking it will be a good Spring project for Eric and I. I've always been a fan of team work so this way he can do the labor part, and I'll just focus on the love!! ;) All of them (except the sad table shown in photo four) were found through pinterest and the links to the how to instructions are posted under each picture!  

Have you ever tackled a DIY project? Was it worth it? If so, share your stories and give me hope!


  1. LOL! The bench is great but that kid in #4 is a definite keeper!

    1. I guess you're right. But I'm hoping to have the best of both worlds. Wouldn't he look cute ON one of the benches?? ;)

  2. Can I just have the redhead, please? KThx.


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