Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nutella Free...for now.

I have a confession...

I have never tried nutella. GASP!  I know. Hard to believe? Maybe I think it's more popular than it really is and I'm not crazy for having never tried it. Or maybe not. I feel like I hear about nutella all the time and see recipes using it on pinterest regularly. I always thought it looked good, I mean it's a chocolate hazelnut spread, right? What's not to like?! I love the Fererro Rocher chocolates which are basically made up of the same thing..hazelnuts covered in chocolate. My parents sort of have a thing where they buy each other Fererro's at every holiday for the past million years, so I pretty much grew up stealing the things off my father's dresser or my mother's desk. Shh!! So, naturally I would imagine that I would love nutella just as much as those coveted candies!

This week I made a little care package for some friends of mine and remembered reading a facebook post about how they loved nutella, so I was sure to buy a big tub of it to throw in there with the other gifts. I have to be honest though, I kinda wanted to open it. Ha! It's true... I was tempted to snatch it outta the gift bag and make myself some toast, but I held back. I knew these friends would appreciate it more. So here I sit, nutella free. I do plan to add it to my grocery list this week and hopefully test out some of these awesome treats I found!

Are you addicted to nutella like the rest of the world seems to be? What's your 'go to' nutella snack? 

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