Friday, April 5, 2013

Three Little Birds

If you take a look back to where I shared with you about some of our special 'Moments', you'll see that my husband is known for his sweet lullabies with our babies. He sings to them and melts my entire being. His love and affection towards our children makes me want to marry him all over again, every single day. That being said, enough about Eric and more about me!

Yesterday I was changing Gavin's diaper on the changing table in his bedroom. The changer is set up against a window and Gavin has always loved to stand up after getting, "All Clean!" and take a peek out into the yard. I stand there behind him as he points out all the things that he see...tree's, snow, birdies. Because it is now Spring, (even though it's still snowy and cold in New England) we've had a lot of birds around for him to look at. As he stood there excited and pointing he kept getting my attention to make sure I was watching too, "Mama, birdies! Birdies!" He was too cute to pull away so I stayed there for a while letting him take it all in. As we watched I started to sing, "Rise up this mornin', Smiled at the risin' sun. Three little birds, pitch by my doorstep. Singin' sweet songs, melodies pure and true..." And I carried on as we both enjoyed our little moment together.

Last night I had the pleasure of tucking in my little one and I started to sing a little goodnight song we sometimes choose. Instead, Gavin said, "Birdies!" and I couldn't help but feel a little choked up thinking that he enjoyed that time we spent yesterday as much as I had. As I started to sing he rested his head on my shoulder while I swayed back and forth soaking up the love. While we normally sing a few rounds and then tuck him in his crib before saying goodnight, this was too good to pass up so I stayed there singing until my baby boy was fast asleep in my arms. Although I love listening to Daddy's 'Hush Little Baby' from down the hall, I'm pleased to say I think I've found my own little lullaby too. Looking forward to many more moments singing, 'Birdies' with my sweet boys. Hear our lullaby below and watch this adorable video I found to go along with it! Call me a sap but it almost gets me a little teary eyed! Ha! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds from pioelad on Vimeo.

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