Friday, April 12, 2013


"Where do babies come from, Mommy?" ... "Uhh, ummm..." Have you been there? If not, avoid this conversation at all costs. Which is what I do. Obviously the appropriate and mature way to handle your children's inquisitive little minds, right? What about all those other random questions they throw in your faces without a moments notice? We can't always just distract them with cookies or toys. Sometimes we actually have to engage in these conversations... Yay for being parents! Over years of dodging the awkwardness with my oldest, I've managed to perfect a sweet story about how Mama and Daddy prayed to God and hoped to have a baby someday. When the time came, The Lord placed Owen in my belly for us to grow and love. When he was finally big enough to come out, we went to the doctors and POOF...a baby! Yes, that's actually how the story goes. Luckily I have been fortunate enough to slide by with that one for a while now and am hoping its another thirty years before I have to fess up that there is no POOF. Or that there is, and that the POOF is more like...nevermind...

But fortunately not all of their questions are as exciting as that little gem. Some are just plain confusing and take a little bit of thinking to come up with a logical answer, or at least one that sounds legit to a five year old. Our latest stemmed from a conversation with my sister who joined us for dinner earlier in the week. While she and I were discussing something from back in the day, the boys wanted to know where they were when all this was going down. "Well, you weren't here yet guys."..." So where were we?" Here's where Auntie Ren stepped up to bat and shot off a whole "Just a twinkle in Mommy's eye" shpeel. I guess it sounded good enough because they let us go on talking without any further explanation. Fast forward to last night when I must have mentioned something from a long time ago. "You mean when I was just a twinkle in your eye, Mom?" Owen asked. "Yes, baby. That's exactly right!" ... "And then after that I squeezed down from your eye and into your belly?" Wait, whaaaat?!?! HA!!! Here I was imagining this little sparkle flickering in my eye, symbolizing a precious dream of meeting my baby some day... And then there's my five year old son seeing that same twinkle in the eye and thinking it was an actual baby that's planning to squeeze his way through my insides until he finds his way into my gut! Ohhh children... Once I could finally stop laughing I did my best to explain the metaphor and wrapped up our little question and answer segment for the night. Let's go ahead and file this under, Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Happy Friday!! Check out this HILARIOUS photo of 'How baby is formed' that I found over at Sex + Grand! (See, I told you...POOF!)

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  1. lol.. have you seen that car commercial.. if your haven't check it out.. so funny.

    I think the worst but most awesome explanation was given my judd apatow's daughter in knocked up.


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