Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Lately.

Maybe...? Nooope! My April Fools day text to hubs! HA!
Does it get any better? Doubt it.
The best Daddy I know...BOP BOP!!!
The Three Stooges
...AND then I almost burnt down the house :P
BuhBye Mama
Well this certainly fits them...stubborn and sweet. 
My kitchen says Spring, the weather does not.
Hi Owen!
Smile Mase! Grump.
Fine Mama, I'll smile...
Lending a hand
My loves, minus Gavin who hid in the corner.
Mama and Baby
New soccer gear. (no his shorts aren't that short, it's boxers, Shh!)
Belly Laughs
Snuggling with his bestie. Gav and cousin LiLi
After he convinced me to buy a giant horse, he shared his sunnies with him.
My husband the comedian. At least I got a present!!


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