Monday, April 8, 2013

Eric's Chicken.

Over the weekend I made a beautiful roasted lemon herb chicken and it was amazing!!! Okay, truth be told that photo above is not MY chicken...but as I've said before, I'm not really a very good how-to blogger. I'm more of a ta-dah blogger in most cases, and in this particular case, I'm more of a 'whoops, I'm about to take a bite and realized I forgot to take pictures' blogger. But no worries, right? Because thanks to the internet, I can find images that look EXACTLY like mine. Well, maybe not exactly. Mine was definitely sitting in a foil throw away pan and we didn't really set the table nicely like that.... But, nobody has to know all that so just keep it between me and you, k?

Have you ever roasted a whole chicken? This was only my second time and I really don't remember my first time all that well either. I just know that my friend Kaitlin ventured into whole chickens a while back and I felt inspired to test the waters too. I remember being frightened about the whole 'inners' of the bird and that the chicken was good but that's about it. This time Eric was the one insisting we make a chicken after he begrudgingly watched The Pioneer Woman on Food Network with me. He went out and bought us a big six pound whole chicken and I agreed to make it as long as he took out the guts. He agreed and as he prepared to reach up there and pull out some, well you know, low and behold a bag. That's it! I could have handled that but after having grabbed the bag and then offering to rub my lemon-rosemary butter I made on the skin he really feels like he took the lead on this one. I'll let him think it was his chicken...oh and his potatoes too, because I made these wonderful little roasted potatoes with a garlic butter glaze on them and because he also offered to chop the potatoes (he was really into cooking after watching it on tv all morning) he also insisted on taking credit for those too. "Yes, dear. You made the entire meal!" That's all you need to say with a smirk and a shake of the head and we both know what's up. All kidding aside, we did have some pretty good team work going on in the kitchen that day and our end result was ahhh-maaa-zinggg! We paired the lemon rosemary chicken alongside the garlic potatoes and a garden salad. Oh, and bread. Because everything's better with bread.

If you have yet to venture out into the realm of roasting whole chickens, please do. It is super duper easy and sooo good. Plus, it looks pretty fancy and seems like a ton of work when it's not so all your guests will think you're really something special. Because you are, of course. But roasting a whole chicken would obviously make you even have at it! (And don't worry, no 'inners'...remember, they're in a bag!)

Instead of sharing my recipe, I'm just going to link you to this one over at Pioneer Woman's site because honestly, her pictures and captions really make the process and as I said, I'm not a very good how-to blogger. So thanks Pioneer Woman and Eric for a lovely Saturday lupper, or linner, or whatever it's called when you eat at three o'clock. Whatever it is, it's good. Enjoy!

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