Thursday, April 4, 2013


How adorable is this photo above? If you didn't catch on, it's supposed to be my children as superheroes! If you know my boys personally, you'll know it's a bit of an obsession. They could play 'guys' all day, everyday which is really just another word for their superhero collection. They have a bazillion action figures in just about every size and every character out there. It all started because their Pepere, my father, is a little bit of a superhero junkie himself and he got Owen hooked a while back. As Mason got older he started catching on to the madness and now little Gavin at just one year old runs around yelling, "Ironman! Hulk!" and a handful of other favorites. The collection has grown over the years and I doubt it will stop any time soon. Especially if Pep has anything to do with it!

Along with superheroes being an overall favorite, they're also big fans of wrestling. With Daddy, of course. However these boys like to take it to the next level and combine their two loves by pretending to be superheroes while they're wrestling. They use their 'super powers' and yell out powers when they turn them on and off just as Pepere taught them, "Slippery Power ON!!" and all wrestlers have to follow along, unless you're my husband who plays on his own terms and challenges the boys by shouting things like, "Tell Pepere his slippery power won't work this time!" as he pins them to the ground. (Ahem...Cheater!)

This evening we have a very special event taking place at our house and it happens to include both of these favorites. Eric decided that when he comes home from work, he and the boys are going to have a serious wrestling match. Before leaving today he instructed the boys to create some sort of mask and come up with a special superhero name for themselves and he would do the same. When Daddy comes home from work they'll reveal their secret identities and wrestle until their doom...or until I yell for dinner time. They're going to have a blast and have been counting down until Daddy walks through the door! Lucky for us we remembered about these awesome 'Make Your Own Superhero' kits that Eric's sister gifted the boys for Christmas! Thanks Auntie!! We kept waiting for a good time to do them and today just seemed to be the perfect day we'd been waiting for. I kept the plan a secret until Eric left this morning so he doesn't know what he's in for. Doc O, Iron Mase and G-Man are very well prepared and will show no mercy for  anyone, even their Dad!

The photo of the 'superhero' boys above was from this picture that Eric's sister gave along with their superhero kits! "Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a superhero." 
Here's Mason and Owen aka Iron Mase and Doc O preparing their capes!


  1. This is the absolute BEST!!!! Love the 3 superheroes picture! :D

    1. Thanks!! I love it too. That Auntie Janelle sure knows how to pick 'em!


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