Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Kids say the darndest things... The saying goes way back to who knows when, but it still rings as true as it ever did. For me I feel like this is daily life. Between three little guys and some funny personalities we have a whole lot of these moments where I just have to stop and laugh because, well, kids say the darndest things! Last night I was talking to a friend of mine, Lindsey and she got me thinking about all this without even knowing it. Thanks Linds! You may recall where I've mentioned our friends/family, Jay and Lindsey who lived near us during our stint in Virginia. Jason is Eric's cousin who is actually from MA as well. He met his wife Lindsey while in the military and she couldn't help but fall head over heels upon seeing this marine glance her way. Right, Lindsey? Something like that. Once we moved South we had to rely on the help of our welcoming family to get us up on our feet. Jay and Lindsey became our real estate agents, shelter, friends and confidants during this time. Come to find out, we actually really liked them too! Jay and Eric get along like brothers and Lindsey and I are two peas in a pod. We adore them, and their two little boys Kyle and Caden! During our time in VA, we would get together for dinner dates when possible and there was one time I'll never forget visiting with them. Kyle, their son was about three at the time and shared with us that Mommy likes to use the dust buster and Daddy plays Xbox. Whattt?!? We died laughing. Apparently little Kyle's claims even held some truth to them! Sorry Jay...

Last night while chatting with Lindsey over facebook, I started missing our friends. After we moved back to Mass, we made a trip down to visit and had a blast! Since then they've also headed 'home' to Lindsey's family back in Minnesota. Happy for them, sad for us. Minnesota's a bit more of a drive than their previous home so we won't be visiting as often as we'd like! Bummer. But, we'll always have Virginia! After taking a little jog down memory lane I sat there with my children talking over a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and found myself laughing out loud at little Kyle's remarks. Kids... Next thing I know I'm asking my own children what they think of Eric and I. It's so funny to see things through the eyes of a child, right? And I couldn't help but wonder what these little ones are watching in our home. "Boys!" I exclaimed, "What does Mommy do at home?" Confused they took a moment to give each other funny looks and ponder what the right answer would be. "There's no wrong answer guys, it's not a game...Mama's just wondering what do you think I like to do when we're home." And then I watched as I could see the wheels were turning. After a moment Owen got excited and cheered, "Dishes! You love to wash dishes, Mama!" and Mason agreed. Again we went over the question with Daddy in mind. "I know!!!" Turns out they were both certain that Daddy likes to sleep on the couch! Yes, little ones. I agree, Daddy sure does like to sleep!

In my opinion these boys hit the nail on the head with this one. Eric might try to tell you otherwise, but you heard it right from the mouths of babes! Mommy does the dishes and Daddy sleeps!! Nevermind the kids, let's talk about MEN! Ha! What do you think kids would say about you? Do you have kids? Ask them and enjoy a good laugh like we did! In the meantime, check out these other cute kids who say the darndest things...

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  1. HAHAHAHA the last photo/letter is hilarious!!!

    1. Lol isn't it? Thanks for dropping in! :)


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