Monday, June 3, 2013

Eric, Eggs and Loving Life.

Above is a picture of my kitchen floor last night. Can you guess what it is? What's that you say, an egg?? Why, yes! It IS an egg. Cracked and spread all over my floor while my children ooh and ahh from the sidelines. See, the catch is that it wasn't just any egg that cracked. It was an egg that was bound to crack at any moment, an egg that was just waiting to fall from my hands and smear it's icky, yellow guts all over my floor. Why? Well, because as always, Eric wanted to have a little fun. 

See the thing about my husband, which I've probably shared many times over the years, is that he is the fun one. Me, a little more cautious and low, but not his kinda fun. It's honestly one of my favorite things about my husband and keeps us so balanced in our marriage, as parents and as friends. While I might like to sit at a restaurant quietly, not make a scene and keep calm and quick with our waitress, Eric is the complete opposite. He'll sit down, start singing to the music, maybe throw in a couple dance moves...he'll greet the waitress and take a minute with the menu making sure to ask their opinion on the foods and request they surprise him with their best drink recommendation. He's someone who will do crazy things, just because. Someone who wants people to have a good time and laugh and not take life too seriously. He brings out the best in me because although I like to live that way as well, I tend to be a little more withdrawn. I appreciate Eric and his passion for life with his carefree, easy going personality because it's so different from mine and he reminds me to just breathe once in a while. It's little things like throwing a football at me until I eventually throw it back and join the game, it's coming up behind me while I make toast and dancing in my way until I break down and dance too, it's refusing to do anything at all until I agree to play catch with a raw egg in the kitchen and break it all over the floor. It's the little things, the fun things...the things that make me laugh til I have tears running down my face both because I'm laughing so hard and I'm so overwhelmed with how much I love this man. Eric is my balance. He's my fun. He's everything I'm not and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Check out some photos of just how great my hubs is...

 He'll go knees to chest and ride our son's bike in his pj's.
 He takes dinner and our two year old to sit at the basketball court and chat.
 He jumps in the ocean after a snowstorm, because it reminds him of his grandfather.
 He'd wear a make shift costume for Halloween because his son asked him to.
 He'd jump in ice cold water for childhood cancer. 
 He takes our kids out to do fun things like roller skate, just because.
 He makes faces like this, and loves our fourth 'child' to pieces.
 No explanation needed here.
 He'll get down and play with the kiddos, anytime - anywhere.
He'd propose in the middle of an airport with a huge audience.
He's the best father and husband in the world and this face says it all!

PS. Eric, although your 'fun' drives me crazy sometimes, I don't ever want it to change. You make me laugh 'til I cry almost every day and whatever life sends our way, I know because of you I'll smile through it all. You are my perfect match. I love you, Bub!

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