Monday, June 10, 2013


This weekend we visited Memere and Pepere...

Aren't they cute?

Alright, cat's outta the bag...(pun intended) that's not Memere and Pepere. But, in theory it is. These little guys sit on my father's Memere and Pepere's  head stone and sort of serve as a reminder of them. And from what I hear, Memere used to have a thing for knick knacks so it's fitting. Every year my parent's visit the cemetery around this time of year and replant and clean up the area. They buy flowers and clean out the dirt and brush off the stone, then replant and lastly, build the little stone wall that Memere originally started before she passed. This year, my mother and I went and took my little Mason along with us. Mase is three and likes to get into projects with grown ups whenever he can so digging through the dirt to find tossed and turned stones and burrowing holes to place new flowers was right up his ally. Plus, it was pretty cool that this was the place where we could come to remember his Pepere's Pepere. Maybe someday little Mason will be a Pepere too... Maybe. But for now I'll just keep him three. Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon in the sun and their little spot is looking tip top again.

Until next time, Memere and Pepere!  

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