Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Over the weekend my husband opted for a movie night with the boys while I went out galavanting with my mother. And by galavanting, I mean to Kohls and Marshalls of course. (big night out folks!) Eric took Owen to pick a movie from the red box down the street and they ended up choosing, 'Escape From Planet Earth' which apparently was a hit. Since Eric was at the gym leading up to the trade off, the boys and I decided to start setting up. We thought it would be fun to set up their sleeping bags on the living room floor and make it a little more special for their popcorn and movie with Dad. Everything went well and it turned out to be a perfect night for the boys...until Sunday.

While at Owen's soccer game the next day and talking to my sister in law (her son plays too) she added that they had a family movie night as well. "We bought the new Lego Batman and had decorations and snacks and everything!", she explained. Umm really, streamers? Way to make me look bad, Janelle! Haha kidding of course - but I did think that was an awesome idea. What a fun way to make a night at home more exciting, right? And it can probably be fairly inexpensive too! Next time we reach for a red box I think I'll take Janelle's idea and step it up a bit. Maybe even tie in decorations and snacks with the movie theme. I think this weekend we'll make another family movie night that I just might have to skip shopping for!

Have you ever done a fun movie night like this? It sounds like a blast for the kiddos, doesn't it? Here's some ideas I found to inspire me for the next one!


  1. We had Blockbuster "back in the day." Imagine, explaining that versus Red Box to the kiddos? We are old.

    1. Lol I remember the days when eric and I would stroll the aisles to pick one out for a two day rental ha! #old.


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