Friday, June 7, 2013

Best Worst Mom Ever.

Tonight as I pulled my boys out of the tub I began teasing my five year old with some corny little jokes that he didn't find funny. I laughed and kept poking fun and told him he was acting like a baby. (Keep reading, I'm not completely awful) He turned to face the wall and said he wouldn't talk to me until I apologized. Although he claimed to be mad, I could tell by his actions and the smirk he was trying to hide that he was half way enjoying it too. Because we hadn't crossed that line of 'seriously mad' I knew I still had some room to play and decided to take it to a little further... "Fine, Owen. You're right and I'm sorry..." (Owen begins to turn back around) "...that you're acting like a baby!" >>Insert me laughing with tears running down my face<< "MOMMM!!!" And here's where I left the room and announced to my husband that as my kids grow I think I'm going to be the best worst Mom ever! It's moments like these when you can find humor in the little things and find joy at the expense of your own children that set us apart from the rest of the parents out there. The moments where you can turn your child's crying into a happy time, at least for yourself anyways! And if you're this guy over at Reasons My Son Is Crying, than maybe just a few million others too! Have you heard the buzz about this father who photographs his son crying at all different times? He documents them with the many reasons behind it such as, "I washed the dirt off his pear." and "I touched his foot with my foot." and even, "It's morning." Recently he held a photo contest where parent's could submit their own photos of 'Why YOUR Child Is Crying' and if you're a parent, I'm sure you can think of a few good ones to share! Although the contest is over, here's some old pictures I found for my own 'Reasons My Son Is Crying'...

I wouldn't let him take any more ornaments off the Christmas tree.
He's awake.
He's riding his bike.

If you're not one of those parents that harasses their children like this, or better yet, film yourself telling your child you ate all his Halloween candy like our friends did - (woot woot, Jay and Lindsey!!) then forget you read this post and check out the ones where I spew hearts and butterflies like here and here! Have a great weekend, friends!!

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