Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Masie Boy!

Upon seeing a picture of my three year old last week my mother in law commented, "Mason marches to the beat of his own drum!" and she couldn't have been more right. Mason is my middle child, my free spirit, my artist, my stubborn one, my funny little red headed love bug who is so sure of himself that he doesn't care what anyone thinks. Mason is the kind of kid who has an opinion about everything, especially what he wears. My older son, Owen, couldn't be more different. I could throw a paper bag over Owen and as long as it didn't take too long to get dressed and didn't bunch or pinch or dig in, he couldn't care less. This was what I knew of little boys and assumed that with three of them, I probably wouldn't see much of the fashion world and style opinions that come with having girls. Boy, was I wrong. Along came little Masie with his independence and flair for accessorizing and criticizing what Mama chooses every single day. Since he's been old enough to have a voice of his own, he has had no problem using it. He'll tell me whether or not he likes the things I pick, won't hesitate to throw off the shirt I chose, will search high and low until he finds those favorite orange socks. Mase would much rather pick out colorful interesting pieces that don't match, aren't fitting for the occasion and would never be something Mama would have chosen. But that's what makes him Mason. He would gladly pair a cutoff tee with a belt and tie and top it with a fedora hat and rain boots...all for a trip to the playground. 

And here's a little pat on the back for my husband and I for embracing Mason's individuality, right? No shame here! But I'll admit, in the beginning I would try and deter him a bit...maybe suggest that the soccer cleats and backpack aren't quite necessary to run out for milk, ya know? But with time I realized that there's no reason he shouldn't be able to choose what he likes. At three years old and expressing himself through fashion? Why not! Instead, I sort of love it now. Seeing this little guy dressed in these crazy, colorful outfits that don't make the slightest bit of sense, make sense now because of the way I look at them. I don't see mismatched knee highs and work boots with his basketball shorts, okay actually I do, but to me that's the confidence pouring out of my son who has some serious creativity and is awesome enough to show it to the world...or at least the other kids at the playground. To me, I couldn't be more proud and I hope that his unique character and confidence never go away! 

Always be you, Masie Boy! 

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