Friday, May 31, 2013

Iced Coffee.

After all that talk about posicles and the perfect treat for a hot day, I found myself bee lining for one of my all time favorites - iced coffee! Are you with me on that one? Can I get an AMEN?? For me a hot coffee is my caffeine of choice throughout the colder months in New England but as soon as those first warm days roll in, iced coffee is where it's at. Yesterday as my husband and I were discussing finances and other not-so exciting things, he threw in there that I oughta start making pitchers of coffee to keep in the fridge. (Apparently I've been buying a few too many! Whoops!) Anyways, while it certainly saves a few pennies in our pockets, it's also super convenient to have on hand whenever you get that craving.

When making a pitcher for home I stick to the good 'ol fashioned way my Mama taught me and that's brewing a whole pot of coffee, or more, pour it into a pitcher and stick it in the fridge. After some trial and error I've found that we prefer a little stronger coffee since when you add a whole cup of ice, it tends to weaken the flavor. Because of this I usually add enough coffee grinds for a pot and a half for just the one pot I'm brewing and that seems to suit our taste perfectly. Add a little sugar and some light cream and we've got ourselves our own little cafe'! Today I made my first cup and remembered about the caramel syrup I had sitting in the fridge. Before adding the coffee and ice I drizzled some caramel around the inside of the cup and I can't help but feeling like I just ordered a Caramel Swirl for $4! Can't get much better, and easier than this!

Do you make your own coffee? Do you have a certain way you make it? Here's another interesting method over at The Pioneer Woman for making the Perfect Iced Coffee, which she apparently lives for and swears by! Maybe I'll give it a try!

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  1. yumm i could use some of that right now... and it's still 10 am over here!

    ps; enter my kenneth cole bracelet giveaway!
    only a few people have entered, so the chance of winning is high :) have a great sunday!


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