Friday, June 7, 2013


Yesterday I went grocery shopping...

I went grocery shopping with a list! And not just any list, but a list that I compiled after making a meal plan for the week. Now ideally I'd like to try this at the start of the week but because we needed food, again, now was as good a time as any. I've made a meal plan for our family once or twice before and find that it is SO helpful in a million different ways. For starters, being organized just feels good. On top of that, having a plan for the week is such a time saver and with three little boys running around here, time is everything. Nothing worse than walking in the kitchen at five o'clock to swing open the fridge and see some yogurt, a bottle of milk and a carton of eggs. Umm, cereal anyone? Yikes. If you've never been in that situation yourself then congratulations, Super Mom! Surely most of you can relate and for me, more often than I'd like to admit. Knowing exactly what I'll be cooking throughout the week and planning ahead so that all those ingredients I'll need are on hand is worth more to a mother than you'd imagine. Along with prior planning and organizing comes budgeting. Please tell me I'm not the only one that runs to the grocery store five million times a week to get 'just a couple things' and run out $50 poorer! Seriously, no joke... Without planning and gathering those ingredients at the beginning of the week I'm forced to run out for the chicken or potatoes that I need for dinner and with three kids in tow, you can be sure I fill the cart with powdered donuts and fruit snacks as we make our way down the aisles. Budget savvy? Not so much. Making that meal plan and then sorting out a list with all the items you'll need to create those meals is the perfect way to avoid all those extra costs! 

Last night after finishing my meal plan and heading off to the store I ended up spending $140 and am hoping to make it through the week without having to throw out extra cash and avoid those mid-week grocery runs. Do you think I can do it? I'll be honest, I feel like we'll probably make a trip or two during that time because as soon as I stocked the fridge my husband says, "You didn't get the big yogurt, too?" And so it begins... But, hopefully this will put in a dent in my efforts and less of a dent in our wallets, so wish us luck with our first week on a plan! Do you plan a menu for the week? Do you have any tips to help me starting out? 

PS. How would you like to shop with these little monsters?? ;-)

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