Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That's Okay.

When you have more than one child, one of the first things that crosses most parents minds is, 'How will I give them all enough attention?' A valid concern of course, but somehow everything falls into place and each child seems to make their way in the world just fine. As a mother of three little guys I find myself questioning this more often than not - Am I giving Mason the same attention I gave to Owen? Of course not. And Gavin? Without a doubt, no. And then the guilt sets in... But with the guilt comes the realization that it's okay. Not every child is going to get the same, need the same, be the same. As their mother, my job is simply to do the very best I can and if that means a half hour of playing blocks with my one year old while no one is home, so be it. But you can bet I'm gonna make one heck of a castle while it lasts.(bc Gavin can barely let me stack three high before he gets to swinging) so that's just what we did.

Today is Owen's preschool morning so Eric decided to steal Mason for his own little one on one. The two of them dropped off O and headed to the library for a special time. They read books and did puzzles and even stopped for a chocolate bar on the way home. (lucky!) While they were out I decided to give Gavin a special morning too. Since he immediately grabbed the bucket of blocks and dragged them to the living room floor I figured I'd let him take the lead. We dumped them out and built tower after tower while he knocked each one down. It was a perfect morning for the whole family and what do ya know? My children are all still healthy and thriving even if that's the only alone time they have all week. And ya know what? That's okay.


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