Monday, February 4, 2013

Girls weekend.

Happy Monday! Exciting weekend for you? For me it certainly was! Before attending a great Super Bowl party with family last night, I had a lovely girls weekend with my mother, sister and niece! We made our way up to Gloucester, Massachusetts and enjoyed a beautiful, freezing cold weekend at the beach! Yes...The beach. In New England. In February. It was perfect! Well, I'll admit I would have much rather been sitting on that sand with a light breeze and 80 degree weather instead of hand numbing, hair blowing, teeth chattering temps like we endured...but you get what you get, and you don't get upset, right? So, I layered sweatshirts and coats and scarves and hoods and boots and braved the cold and still managed to have a wonderful time! We spent time shopping, walking along the beach, laughing, scouring for shells and sea glass, laughing, swimming, eating, doing each others hair, laughing, giving each other manicures, sleeping, eating again, more shopping, more laughing, and more sleeping before calling it quits. It was everything you'd expect from a fun filled girls weekend with family and we can't wait to do it again someday! Here's some pictures we took along the way!
 Here I am braving the winds!
 "Hi Mom!"
My sister's either waving or showing off that she remembered gloves and I didn't!
Lisamarie, striking a pose.
My insane mother decided to go big or go home, toes in water!!
Lauren taking it all in.
 3 of the 4 L's
I lined them up and gave instructions, which they actually followed!
Our hotel balcony at the Marina

 Girls weekend=Junk food!!!
My fortune, which I found funny!
How we all felt on the ride home...

Have you ever done a girls weekend? (or a boys if that didn't apply!) Another fun trip I had was last summer when my mother in law, sister in law and I drove all the way to New Jersey to meet my husbands cousins wife, Lindsey (whose also become one of my dearest friends) and it was just as much fun! I really enjoy these mini vacations and can't wait to plan another little getaway filled with all my favorite people and things! Wanna come? If not with me, consider one with your own family or friends! It's a great way to get a little 'pick me up' without being gone too long and without breaking the bank! Start planning!!


  1. Replies
    1. Seems to be my motto lately, huh? ;)

  2. Love the photos! Your mom is a brave woman, I love the food binge, sleepy photos, and the gorg photo of the marina. Oh, I love you too.


    1. Thanks! If you zoom in on that first photo you can see the Boston skyline! (An afterthought of course)


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