Thursday, February 21, 2013


Remember my 'No-Kids Pals' and 'Slightly Glam Girlfriends' that I mentioned here? They're the reason why today's post comes to you a little later than usual! (Thanks for a wonderful time last night ladies!!) Followed by a busy day of catching up with family and friends! Here I sit after having a house full of little ones running around eating pizza and jumping on the beds all night. Having cousins to play with is one of my little boys favorite things! Here's a pic of seven of the eight that took over my home tonight!

Did you grow up with lots of kids in your family? Are you close with them now? I love that my children have family so close in age and they're all growing up together! Here's a few of the boys and their cousins over the years! 

Below is one of my very favorite photos ever. This is my Mason and my oldest brother's son, Tavian. They were born a day apart in the same hospital so Tavian's mother and I got to sneak to each other's room to take their first family photos together and savor the sweetness of their bond from birth!

Do you have big plans for your weekend? Mine has started early as one of our little munchkins will be joining our family for a couple days! Isabel, my nine year old niece is on school vacation and decided she'd like to spend some time with her favorite Auntie and Uncle! (don't tell the others) I'm looking forward to some girl time with Belle and to finally having another female in the house!! Have a good weekend!

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