Monday, February 4, 2013

Grumpy Omelet.

Just because you're mad at someone doesn't mean you stop loving them...

Am I preaching to the choir here? Because I can definitely relate to this one! For starters, that picture made me laugh. But then it also got me thinking... Of course my husband came to mind right away. I immediately started having flashbacks to those mornings when I've been angry about something or other and want to just avoid him at all costs. And then I stomp my way into the kitchen and make him coffee and an omelet before he heads off to work. Wait, what? He pissed me off and I went and made him an omelet?  Yup. I did. Many times. Because that's what you do when you love someone. You get mad at your husband and you slam that egg carton on the counter (and secretly check if you cracked them all by mistake) and then you make the best damn breakfast you've ever made before storming into the bedroom to grumble, "Your breakfast is on the table!" All while you go about your business with that smug little face that doesn't look good on anyone. Not even me. But we all do it. Or at least I'm hoping we all do, because it would be incredibly awkward if I shared that story and turned out to be only crazy wife who has her 'moments'. So, if you don't - spare me the humiliation and give me a big, "Me too!" if you would.

Why do we insist on being so dramatic? I doubt it's really necessary to carry on with all that egg slamming and smug faced stomping around, but yet we do it anyways. After my big performance I usually end with a kiss at the door to send him off to work because if you have a husband like mine, he doesn't usually allow it to last too long. He'll try and be funny or annoying in an attempt to make me laugh, followed by an apology for whatever made me mad in the first place. (even if he didn't do anything) As hard as I try to hold on to that grudge, he always finds a way to make me laugh one way or another. Maybe I'm a sucker, maybe he's a charmer...but it works for us.

So what's the alternative? Is there one?? Well, contrary to popular belief, I'm not perfect and I don't have all the answers. But lucky for me, my husband can take a little grumpy omelet now and then, just as I gladly tolerate all his not so pleasant moments too. Because that's just what you do when you love someone. You hold the umbrella, you make breakfast, and you stick it out even when you're mad. And if you can do that, then you're already a step ahead of most!


  1. It always amazes me when the husband actually EATS the grumpy omelet knowing full well that it was made with a smidgen of bitter herbs!

    But yeah, I make the meal too, slam a few cupboard doors, throw the dishes in the sink and forcefully toss those shells into the trash.

    Take heart girls- as the years go by we learn (hopefully) to not let these things throw us into such a tizzy as the one who feels the most pain in it all is US!

    Make a joyful noise- honey is so much sweeter than bitter herbs!

  2. Great title, great blog, great person!


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