Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stinkin' Thinkin

What do you do when you're sad? Call a friend, cry, eat ice cream, write about it? I actually do all of these things. Sometimes simultaneously. And that's exactly what I've been doing for the last couple days. Throwing myself a little pity party. I'm fresh off my girls weekend and maybe that's what stirred all this up to begin with, but the truth is, I've been sad. I'm missing people who aren't in my life anymore and am feeling that loss. I can't help but wonder why anyone wouldn't want to be in my life, ya know? I mean, you read my blog...you see what a gem I am! So why doesn't everyone else? Okay, maybe that little rant was exaggerated and egocentric, but it is my blog and I'm entitled to my own opinions! But all jokes aside, this pity party has been in full effect and I haven't been able to shake it...

Until now.

Just last night as I'm lying in bed drowning myself in a big bowl of misery and black raspberry sherbert, I received a note from an old friend. And not just any friend, not a best friend whose obligated to be nice, not a new friend whose trying to be polite, but an old friend whose sorta been somewhere in the distance since I was about ten years old. The note was simple and sweet, and unexpected to say the least. I won't share her exact sentiments, but in short - she offered some incredibly sincere perspective on the type of mother and person she thinks I am and literally brought me to tears upon reading it. Talk about timing, right? So I set down my giant bowl of ice cream and muted The Bachelor while I took a moment to express my gratitude.

It's amazing how we can get so caught up in that 'stinkin thinkin' kind of attitude and feel so sorry for ourselves. While I do still miss my friend whose parted ways, I realized that maybe I oughta spend less time missing her and more time noticing the people right in front of me that do want to be in my life. Especially one who is so kind and thoughtful enough to reach out and knock me outta my pity party with a simple note that meant so much. That's the kind of people you want in your life. So here I am now, deciding to stop being sad and start being awesome.
^^See, there I am...AWESOME!!^^

To my new 'old friend', thank you again. You truly touched my heart and without even knowing it, reminded me that I am pretty awesome after all. While I'm certain you didn't realize the impact your words might have, know that they truly did and I am forever appreciative that you thought enough to share them with me. I look forward to getting together soon!


  1. I am so happy to have read this ;) Truly.

  2. You are totally awesome Mrs Laundry!!!! So glad your party was a flop! ;)


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