Monday, February 25, 2013

Act Without Expectation.

Over the weekend we've had yet another snowstorm that seemed to go on and on and on. Luckily it didn't amount to as much as our previous blizzard, but snow of any measure is too much for me! Now you may be wondering if I've lost my writing 'mojo' and have nothing else to say so I'm going to discuss the weather...but worry not -  I have motive! The reason why I felt the need to explain our current conditions is because it leads me to where I get to tell you that our Mystery Plow Guy from this post came back!!! After the last big snow storm where our neighbor that we've never met came and cleared our driveway, I baked him cookies as a thank you and considered it a done deal. Well, clearly Mystery Plow Guy liked his cookies because he came back and plowed again unexpectedly. We were having a very lazy Sunday when I glanced out the window from my cozy corner of the couch and noticed his truck clearing the way again. I was so surprised and immediately woke Eric (because he was passed out on the couch) and had Owen stand in the window to wave at our new friend. Some people are just so thoughtful. Who knows why he decided to plow for us again...maybe it was because he liked the cookies, maybe he wanted more cookies, maybe he noticed our three little boys and feels bad that on top of taking care of these monsters we'd have to shovel too? I don't know. Maybe he's just a really nice guy who is thoughtful enough to give a quick swipe in our driveway on his way home from a long night of plowing. Maybe.

I suppose the reason why Mystery Plow Guy does what he does is irrelevant really, because the point is that he just does it. I highly doubt he decided to pull in that first day thinking we'd offer him money or bake in return. And when I did bake those cookies, I certainly didn't expect that he'd come clear us out again after the next storm. When we choose to give freely and act without expectation we are allowing ourselves to truly appreciate the goodness that comes from doing good, while also giving a whole new meaning to the efforts of others if they do return your kindness. Imagine if I had baked those cookies and thought, "This guy better plow for us next time!" Which I could have easily assumed might happen. But for some reason, I didn't. The next storm hadn't even crossed my mind because my goal was to do something nice, just to do something nice. Had I expected it I wouldn't have thought twice when he pulled in yesterday. Imagine if I expected it and he didn't pull in? There certainly wouldn't be anymore cookies, I'm sure. But because he did reach out and help us again when I hadn't made expectations at all, I was truly surprised and appreciative of his thoughtfulness in a more meaningful way. I'm telling you friends, doing good does you good.

Do something nice for someone today. Maybe even a stranger! Pay a compliment, hold a door, shovel for your neighbor, buy someone at work a coffee. Do something. But when you do, expect nothing in return and take a moment to acknowledge that feeling of 'doing good' that comes with it. I plan to try too, so keep a lookout...I just might be bringing you cookies! ;)

PS. More on being thoughtful here.  (The Laundry Room circa 2010!)


  1. A very wise women once asked me to do three good deeds a day without "getting caught." Hold that door when no one is looking, empty the dishwasher without taking credit, quietly get up on the subway when someone else is standing and looks like they could use a seat. Those little acts of getting out of myself really make a big difference in how I feel.

    1. I love that! And I was hoping to inspire people to do one...but three is definitely more admirable! Lol thanks for dropping in!



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