Monday, February 18, 2013

Hot Buns

Recently my two older boys have been all over me about hot buns. No, really. Every day they have something to say about it! Normally I'd be completely on board because I certainly like hot buns as much as the next guy...but not all hot buns are the same...

My first choice in hot buns would be these. Who's with me??
I can also appreciate ^these^ hot buns!

Unfortunately, neither of those are the hot buns my children are referring to. There is an infomercial on tv, oh maybe seven hundred times a day, for this hair gadget called, 'hot buns' and they have my children hooked. It's supposed to help you make the perfect bun with your hair, either big or small, (because obviously they come in different sizes) and there's both dark and light to suit every hair color! Amazing! But the best part of the whole pitch is when they promise, "You're gonna flip over hot buns!!!!" And that's where they sold my sweet little children who either want Mommy to have something nice, or they've noticed the mop of a hairdo I've been rocking these days. "Mom, did you hear that? You're gonna flip over hot buns!" They've been insisting that I buy this thing for a couple weeks now and their excitement is contagious. I'm actually a little bit tempted to call and order one! AND, If I pay double the price I'll even get one free! If you're lucky, I just might gift it to you!! To order your hot buns today, click HERE. Just kidding, don't click's not a link, and I have absolutely no intention of ordering hot buns, but if I sold you on it then definitely let me know so I can share the good news with my boys! In the meantime, I'll be dreaming about the previous hot buns...the first ones, of course! ;)

"You're gonna flip over hot buns!!!"


  1. LOL. You're a funny chick, mama Lyn!

    1. Haha glad you enjoyed it! Now go get your hot buns!! ;)

  2. I predict you will be getting several sets over the course of the next few months. lol


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