Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Never lipstick.

Lately, I've been a little bit inspired. But not in the life altering and emotional kind of inspired you're probably thinking. More like the 'Mama needs to throw on some lipstick once in a while' kind of inspired. And I mean that literally - I think I need to start wearing lipstick. At least once in a while anyways. It's funny to me because growing up I always thought of lipstick as an old lady thing. My mother never wore any makeup, (like never ever) so I didn't grow up playing with her products and experimenting with all the pretty colors and tools like most young girls do. Thanks Mom! Instead, I waited until I had an older sister who started buying it and learned the tricks from watching her. As I began to buy my own makeup, or steal hers,  I'd just get the basic essentials...mascara, eyeliner, maybe splurge on an occasional bronzer as I got more daring, but my lips only went so far as a flavored chapstick or a clear gloss for the big nights out. Never lipstick.

Fast forward to now, where I feel like I see lipstick everywhere and on everyone! So many brands, so many colors, and I actually kind of like it. Just last week on American Idol I noticed judge Nicki Minaj flaunting her bubblegum pink lips and thought, that actually suits her! Now will you see me wearing a bright pink lip any time soon? Absolutely not. But, ya never know! For now I decided to step out of the box and buy a reddish brown color called, 'Captivate' by Cover Girl. After picking it up yesterday, I came home and tried it out while my children stared at me with confusion written all over their face. Mason says, "Mama, why your lips all pink? You look pretty!" Which of course made my 'pink lips' spread from ear to ear. So, thanks little Masie...Mama was hoping you'd say that!

Do you wear lipstick? Do you have a signature color or a favorite brand? Give me your suggestions to start off my collection!

^^Nicki's bubblegum pink lips^^

PS. What's your lipstick personality?


  1. My favorite right now is Buxom gloss at Sephora (has a bit of a plumping agent in it so it gies you a lil tingle). I use the shade 'Sandy'. Very natural, but add nice sheen to your pretty pout. You have any other make-up me. I LOVE the stuff!

    1. Thank you! I love Sephora AND plumping agents! Haha I will definitely have to oil tht one up :)


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