Friday, May 3, 2013


Wanna know what we've been up to? Playing. And playing. And more playing. What can I say? It's what we do best in this house... Here are some photos I've taken over the last couple of weeks to give you a little glimpse into why I've been MIA. Having three little boys keeps me busy, but having three little boys when the weather is beautiful keeps me busy OUTside and far from my laptop! Sometimes we just have to unplug like in this post and live in the moment! Hope you're all having just as much fun as we are! 

Ahhhh the cuteness!!
When Daddy travels for work we send morning pictures to say hello :)
Hi Daddy!!!
Breakfast of Champions
Obviously a school pic! ha, Spring Preschool Pic

He's growing too fast.
Posing with apples is normal...right?
A boy and his pup!
Fresh Boy
New hats!
Bag Cabinet - Before
Bag Cabinet - After...Thanks Pinterest!!!
Captain America in my very own kitchen!
Waiting for a doctor checkup :)
...Still debating...
 Ta-Dahhh! Mason's masterpiece.
 My Boys!

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  1. All good stuff......but I LOVE the "best friends" pic.


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