Thursday, May 9, 2013

Goats Say...

This morning I was snuggled up with one of my little guys reading a book. Normal enough, right? Well, then comes the page with the assorted animals and each time Gavin would point to a picture, I would make the animal sound. "Quack. Moo. Neigh. Bah. Roar. Ughhh. Ummm. Goats Say..." What the heck does a goat say?!? I sat there pondering while my boy waited and eventually I threw out another "Bah" and moved on. Yes, my kid is the one who will grow up thinking a goat is a sheep...whatever. But then I remembered a video that was posted a while back on one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo. Goats yelling like humans. Weird...I know. But it's actually pretty funny. Back when I watched it the first time I thought, 'Really?' But as my kids heard the loud screams coming from my laptop they ran in to see and we ended up watching it about a bajillion times that day. If you have two spare minutes, watch it. If you have more than two minutes, watch it more than once because honestly, it does get funnier the more you see it. Kinda like when you say a simple word and the more you say it, the funnier it sounds? Ya, like that! Anyway, enjoy the video and then picture me reading my boys animal books and yelling like a goat...or a human... Haha!! Happy Thursday!


  1. My son was obsessed with the goat video...he cracked up laughing EVERY time he watched it! lol

    1. Exactly how it went in this house when we first saw...and again when I posted this one too! lol nothin like a bunch of goats yelling! ha


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