Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kb Returns.

Remember my friend Krista? You may know her best as, My Polar Opposite Soul Sister.

Well, if you didn't catch me bragging about it to everyone I know already, Krista came back East from life over in California and left us with some beautiful memories! While visiting her brand new baby godson, she made time to stop over and visit us Laundry's and put her photography skills to good use. While plunging her blue suede pumps into the ground, she pushed my boys on swings and snapped photos of them climbing trees and running in the yard! Not only was I beyond happy that we were finally able to talk and laugh and just be together in REAL life again, but the pictures came out fantastic too! I can't wait to go through the bunch and pick out my faves to print... I'm thinking of blowing some up to hang in our bedroom. Definitely this one of Mason below!!

Care to read Krista's recap of our little visit and how her life differs from mine as a stay at home Mom? Check out the full scoop and some of the adorable photos over at her blog, HERE!

Thanks for making time to see us kb! We were so so happy to be with you and appreciate the time you put into documenting memories of our little ones! And as Owen said, you're welcome to come play at our house any time you want! Laaave you!! xo

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  1. Awww I am just now seeing this! I love you! And those handsome boys of yours. Miss you already! xo


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