Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you don't already know that we've been on vacation - We've been on vacation! We left last week for a trip up to Massachusetts where we visited family and friends and celebrated Owens 3rd Birthday as well as a baby shower for my sister-in-law Nahir. Busy, busy, busy!!! It wasn't a long trip since Eric had to get back to work but it was well worth it! We had so much fun and enjoyed spending time with everyone and only wish we were able to visit more. 

We started out by making the 9hr drive from Virginia all the way up to Winchendon, Ma where my Mom and Dad moved to this past summer and offered to take us in for the visit, Rocco and all! It was nice to kick back and relax and nobody takes care of people like my mother can! She has this way of always filling up your coffee cup or bringing you homemade cookies and making sure every meal is taken care of. Meanwhile, Pepere keeps the kids occupied with all his special toys and surprises all the time. Eric and I appreciated having the help since the move has cost us that luxury. 

Saturday was Owen's Birthday party at Auntie Janelles house. We went with a big pirate theme bash as he's recently sparked an interest after getting a new pirate bed set, pjs, and has watched Captain Hook get chased by the crocodile on youtube over and over! He had lots of cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends all come out to help celebrate. We had such an awesome time and can't thank everyone enough for all the help that went into making Owens birthday such a hit! 

After the birthday party Owen and Mason got to go home with Gramma and Grampa for a sleepover. The boys were also lucky enough to be able to spend lots of time with their great grandparents while there as well. Sunday came and they were off to watch their cousin Tyler dominate the soccer field! Meanwhile, Eric and I got to take back our nieces Lisamarie and Isabel for a sleepover. We had tons of fun and managed to keep those wild girls under control, even if I did threaten to glue Belle's butt to the couch. Sunday came and all the girls headed down to Aunt Greta's for the baby shower. Nahir and Dan are expecting my little nephew on Jan 5th and we decided to celebrate the occasion. We spent the day talking, laughing, playing games and eating good food with good company. Nahir got some great gifts and big sister Belle was such a good helper which I'm sure is just a preview of what's to come with her soon to be little brother! 

After all of our big to dos were wrapped up, Eric and I each closed the weekend with a girls night in for me and a guys night out for him. Thanks to my parents keeping an eye on the boys, I was able to meet up with a couple of friends and spend the night catching up while Eric and a few friends went out and did the same. Then we finished up with some last minute goodbyes on Monday and it seemed like Tuesday came all to quick. Before we knew it we were back on the road yesterday afternoon. After a very busy and fun filled visit we were sad to say goodbye as is to be expected. But, as much as we're going to miss everyone there is no denying the fact that coming home after a vacation is always a great feeling! We were all so happy to be back in our beds and routines, except Eric who was dreading leaving us to go back to the world of DC traffic and a pile of work on his desk. When all's said and done we're home sweet home! So....until next time Massachusetts! Thanks for the memories!!


  1. there really is NOTHING like your mama taking care of you, right? i think your visit was over way too quickly, altho my cat has once again emerged from the bedroom!!! she survived the dog..... whew! next time we meet, i'm sure your kids will be even bigger young men, doing more things! mason will most likely be running. hahaha! watch out!! thanks for the fantastic visit.... and yes, owen, it was AMAZING!!!!!

  2. It was lovely to see you all Lynden! I'm sure it was nice to get back home as well- so you could have a rest from your busy busy vacation! It's always a treat to see your family- I can feel the LOVE!!!


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