Monday, November 1, 2010

Captain Owen

Just a quick note to everyone - The day has come. My baby isn't a baby anymore!!! :-(  Ok,'s not that sad. This is just one of the many days in your childs life where you're supposta use that line. lol I'm sure you're all wondering which big milestone this is so I'll go ahead and fill you in. Today Owen got a big boy bed! He has had a cute little racecar toddler bed since before he was two, and we figured it was about time he moved on to bigger and better things. The truth is, our almost 3 year old is actually about the size of an almost 13 year old. haha, not really..but almost. He is very big for his age and that toddler bed just doesn't seem to be fitting quite as well anymore. He wakes up all night long and climbs into our bed only to be carried back to his room time after time. Needless to say, everyone in our house is long overdue for a good nights sleep! With high hopes and a whole lot of desperation we decided that his third birthday would be the perfect time to "talk up" the whole idea about being big now and needing a big boy bed...with me? 

Thank the good Lord for my wonderful in-laws who so generously took on the project as their big birthday gift to Owen! Steve and Laurie, You are the best!!! He doesn't turn three until Wednesday, and we leave for Massachusetts on Thursday to have Owen's big party up at Auntie Janelles house this weekend. But, luckily Gramma and Grampa didn't mind giving the present early as I think it would be a little difficult heading back to Virginia with a twin bed in tow. We set it all up and had the big box full of pirate sheets and bedding and pirate pajamas and different accessories all wrapped up on the bed, accompanied by a super cool bean bag chair with a big bow! Owen got on the computer to skype the big to do so that they could watch the unveiling. He hadn't the slightest idea what was about to happen when Gramma told him to go check out his room and SURPRISE!!! He was over the moon! Daddy put the pajamas and bedding on quickly and before you know it there was a 'pirate ship' right there in the room. He was jumping up and down, climbing all over it, pretending to sleep, making Daddy walk the plank while he threw him off and then yelling "Man overboard!" while he laid on the floor. We even dubbed him Captain Owen! This was such an awesome present and he could not have been more thrilled about it. Thank you Gramma and Grampa for such a great gift, and here's to hoping that we all get to sleep through the night!! Sweet dreams friends...

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  1. ahoy, captain owen!! how was the first night on the ship? you look like you're totally in control of the situation, sir! carry on!!!!


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