Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family Park Day

Recently I came across this great park that the boys and I went to. I heard about it through a local Moms group that I joined after moving down to Virginia. They scheduled one of their meetups there for a walk with our strollers followed by some running around at the playground. We went and had such a fun time. Lots of Moms showed up and we all headed out on the path with our babies in tow and then brought them over to the playground to stretch their legs too. It is a really cool place with about five different play areas, tons of slides, and swings for both big kids and babies. I was even more pleased to find it since I've had a difficult time finding a spot that's age appropriate for both Owen and Mason and this one seems to fit them perfectly! The walking trail is almost 2 miles which is just enough time to let the boys enjoy the walk without pushing any limits of being strapped in a carriage for too long...and honestly, it's probably a perfect distance for a Mom pushing two very big boys in a double stroller up and around some twisty little hills! The trail winds through the woods and along this cute little pond with a fountain in the middle that we even saw some ducks swimming in during our first visit there. We enjoyed this place so much that we decided we needed to share it with Daddy too!

After Eric came home from work today we packed up and headed out to show off our new little spot. Owen was so excited and insisted that we all run from the parking lot so we followed along and hit the pavement. Once we got to the playground I ventured off with Owen to run wild and race down the slides while Daddy and Mason checked out the swings. Mase loves to be pushed and makes it clear when he's not ready to get out. If you ask and reach out for him too soon, he grips the chains tighter and starts to make noises which I'm sure is his way of saying we better not touch him. Owen can't get enough of chasing eachother around and seeing who can get to the bottom of the slide first. After exploring all the different parts of the playground, we crossed the parking lot to show Daddy where we walk and look for ducks. Although there were no ducks today, Daddy managed to find a neat spot near the water where they could sneak down and throw rocks and sticks. Mason and I decided to hang back and soak up the views while the two of them spent some time together.

Once the sun began to go down and a chill came along we started to head back even though Owen was a little disappointed that our trip was ending. We promised to come back soon and that he could have hot chocolate once we got home which made parting much easier on everyone. What a wonderful day we got to have together, sometimes just spending time enjoying the little things in life makes you appreciate how truly blessed we really are. I have a great husband who has been taking the time to thank me daily for being his wife and I have two amazing little boys who are so full of love and joy that it is contagious just looking at them! Thank God for my happy little family for I would be lost without them! Here's some pictures we took throughout the afternoon. I finally got a new camera this week so no more snapping pix with the cell phone...Yay, Thanks hubby!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Can't wait for Owen to take me there next month when I visit! :)

  2. This is beautiful! And your leaves do change color! It just takes a lil longer. Seems you have a milder version of New England. I wanna go on the walking trail. Can I go?????


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