Sunday, November 21, 2010

Couch Bound

And the new week begins! Thankkkk goodness!! Since I hadn't posted last week, that means most of you don't know what an absolutely boring and drawn out week we really had. Allow me to enlighten you...

We got back from Mass and then Eric immediately had to be back to work to make up for the lost time and to get things rolling at the gym again.  We started out Monday planning to get back to our gym routine,visit our new playground and maybe meet up with some friends. However, I realized around lunchtime that the boys had doctors appointments coming up and when I saw the date I found out the appointments were about 2 hours later. Luckily we noticed in time and were able to make it to the office so Owen could have his 3yr checkup and Mason could have his followup with a second set of shots he needed. Owen was really nervous and kept asking if he was going to need any shots too. I knew he would, but just explained that they might but that we'd have to wait and see what the doctor said. He went through his checkup like a real champ and impressed those nurses and doctors like only Owen could. He is such a little ham and full of so many cute and interesting little things to tell everyone...they just loved him. Finally things started to wrap up and the nurses and I secretly planned to have Owen get the shots first so that he didn't see Mase get them and freak out before we had the chance to give him his. Owen got a flu spray up his nose and 2 shots in his left thigh. He screamed and cried for just a couple minutes but sucked it up quickly so that we could move on to Mason. Masie got 3 shots in one leg and reacted about the same. They were both happy to be heading out of there and with stickers to show their bravery.

As soon as we started walking out of the patient room I noticed that Owen was limping a bit but thought that he was just babying it since it might be sore. Once we got home he asked me to carry him because he couldn't walk on his leg. I played along for a while getting him into some comfy jammies and tucked him into bed for a nap. Once he woke up he was just as dramatic as ever and I even sent Eric a text message telling him that the Emmy for best performance in a daytime drama went to Owen. Well, I was kicking myself come Wednesday because after continuing to fight me over walking and complaining about every little thing that even came within 3 feet of his leg, I decided to check out the wound again. I looked at his thigh and saw that the shots were red all around a pretty good area of his thigh and it was swollen in that area as well. I called the doctor and they said it sounded like a localized reaction of some sort and to baby it, as well as give motrin, warm compresses and baths. Here I was yelling at my son to get his butt out of bed and take himself to the potty all the while he's got a bad reaction to some shots and can't walk...awful mother I am! But, then again how was I to know it was anything more than a bad case of the "poor me" scenario we often hear from our guys...if you're a male, skip over that part! After a long week of doing absolutely nothing, once Friday came along he was back on his feet and out running around.

I am so happy to be done with this week where we were pretty much couch bound and going stir crazy to say the least. Looking forward to tomorrow and getting into our routine again...starting the week off by getting back to the gym and preparing for our big Thanksgiving visit from family coming into town. My brother Dave and his family are coming for the holiday. Owen is so excited that his Auntie Steph and Uncle are coming to see him along with cousins Lili, Sienna and Tavian...and their pug Tony of course. It's going to be a fun week!! Hope you're all enjoying preparing for your own Thanksgivings too!
 Until next time...
 Owen working on an art project with the leaves we found outside
My happy little boy Mason


  1. bout time you told the shot story...........and you're not a bad mama. I pulled your shoulder out of the socket when you were little, remember? these things wasn't my wasn't my wasn't my fault....

  2. We had so much fun, and yes sir Owen is a little ham!


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