Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Deal.

If you didn't get the hint from previous posts about how much I adore my husband...I adore my husband. This morning reminded me of that again, and so much so that I can't help but share. What can I say, I love love. Anyhow, last night Eric and I sat around after the kids went to sleep and negotiated deals for our Saturday morning goals. Mine? To sleep in. His? The gym. Polar opposites I know, but let's be real, priorities people. After we both put our musts on the table we began to barter the extras... Gavin was still awake and Eric wanted to snuggle him in our bed (something I'm trying to avoid) and I wanted to sleep until at least 9am. Then came the negotiating...

 "Fine, you can take Gavin in the bed for a bit if I can sleep til 9 and wake up to coffee." 
"But when you get settled in the morning I can leave for the gym?" 
"Wait, did you want your coffee in the bed while you watch tv?" 
"Um...yes that too." (did he think I'd say no?!?!?

I think I got the better end of the deal here but I certainly won't remind him of that. To be honest, he did nap on the couch when I got up too. But besides that part, I woke up to my coffee and tv in bed to find out that they had just gotten home from the airport. Eric had taken them out early to watch the planes take off this morning. Such a good, good Daddy. AND, what makes this whole morning even better... ( and the ultimate reason for this post and why I adore my husband today) ...When Eric was leaving for the gym he began to get in his car when he noticed our little ones watching him in the window. Instead of waving while he backed out of the driveway, he took it a step further. Or like a thousand steps further. He turned up his music for all our neighbors to hear, popped out through his sunroof, and danced on the roof of his car while our children screamed and danced along. Whaaatttt?!? Who does that? Eric does. Because that's the kind of guy he is. The guy who will do anything to put a smile on our faces and remind us how much fun life can be. 

Thanks for a fun morning Bub! And if you ever see this, sorry for sneaking pictures and posting them on the internet ;-) 


  1. That is heartwarming! Thank you so much for sharing. We miss you down here in the chaotic world you left behind. Love to your family.

    1. Thanks for reading along! We miss you too, but not so much the chaotic world of DC! lol <3

  2. How can you not smile after reading this?


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