Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Man.

It's happening.

He's becoming a man. My first born itty bitty little peanut baby is becoming a man. Alright, so he's five and not exactly a man man, but it sure does feel that way. Do you have kids that are growing and won't stop? It's awful isn't it? Just yesterday he was being born and learning to roll over and taking his first steps and learning to go potty and use the big boy swing and then BAM, today he's a man. It happens just that fast! Now all of a sudden we're doing man things like getting ready for kindergarten. Okay, okay I know...not quite man things but like I said, it feels that way so bear with me. For a while now I've been teasing Owen about how I won't allow him to go to school because I will miss him too much and lately he's agreeing with me. That whole reverse psychology approach didn't quite work in my favor because he seems to think that maybe I'm right and he should stay home with Mama. Whoops. Now I'm on to reassuring my guy that he will be the coolest, smartest, and most fun little Owen ever and that he will just love his new adventure at school. Part of me is trying to convince myself that this is true too because let's be real, I'm sort of freaking out. My itty bitty little peanut baby is leaving me in just a few short weeks and I'm sure going to miss him...

Why can't he stay little forever?

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