Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Press Here.

Recently I found my children reading together more often. Gotta be honest, I sort of love it. Is there anything sweeter than your oldest baby reading a book to your other two babies?? I mean, I guess they're not babies...and I guess Owen's not quite reading yet. BUT, the good news is that doesn't really matter. His audience doesn't seem to mind and they're all enjoying themselves, and so am I. A favorite of ours  is one that my mother in law had gifted to the boys a while back. I had never heard of it before that and I can't believe I hadn't! Back in my preschool days I thought I was pretty up on all the good ones out there but apparently this was a hidden gem. Nice find, Gramma! I guess by now you're probably wondering what book it is, huh? Sorry, should have started with that part maybe... Anyhow, the book is called Press Here and it is the cutest, funnest, most interactive children's book. It's pretty much pages of colored dots. Interesting, right? No? Well, there's also directions that go along with the pages telling you to do different things like, "Turn the book slightly to the left", at which point you'll turn the page and all the dots will be crammed on the left side of the page. It's a great book to read with your little ones and my guys certainly get into the 'magic' of it all. If you have kids, know kids, want kids - this one's a keeper!

To buy this book, Press Here . (pun intended!)

1 comment:

  1. I love watching my son pretending to read.. it real is a wonderful sight.
    Sounds like a very interesting book


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