Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Here.

Today my husband stopped home from work to grab a bite to eat. We chatted and laughed over grilled cheese with the kiddos and then walked him out to say goodbye. While standing in the yard waving to Daddy with my little monsters, my husband backed out of our driveway and yelled, "You should start blogging again!" and then pulled away. So...here I am. Okay, so there was more. I actually hollered back, "I don't want to!" and that's when he laughed and pulled away. What's that about, right? No, I don't mean my husband urging me to do something I love, write. I mean ME. "I don't want to." ...?? Well, why the heck not? And so after some thinking today I would love to tell you all about my earth shattering revelation about why I'm not into writing these days. But truthfully, I don't have anything. Not a single thing. For some time I've been brushing it off with good excuses about how I'm too busy with the summer activities and I don't have time and blah blah blah...but although these sound like good answers, I mean, even I believed them, they're not. Looking back on my days, I surely have a few moments here and there where I could slip in a few words and chose not to.

So, what gives?

I think what it comes down to is that maybe at first I was busy. Maybe I did give myself a summer break for a bit. But then it just became the way it was. You know what I mean, right? Like that time you decided to not go to the gym and sleep in. And then you sort of decided not to go to the gym for like, a whole week. And then that week became a month and you were like, oh crap...I stopped going to the gym! Well, this is my gym. Except I'm not paying for a membership here so you're much worse off than I am. Lucky for me I can just sign into my website and pick up where I left off. AND I haven't lost a penny. Maybe a few readers. But I was a slacker and I deserve that. But pennies, not one. So here I am. Maybe for a day. Maybe all week. Maybe for good. Who knows... But the good news is, I'm here. I'm writing, I'm blogging, and I'm here. So if you can relate, stop procrastinating and just do it. Go to the gym. Or whatever your 'gym' is. Just do it. And maybe someday I'll be at the gym too...like the real one. Until then, I'll be in The Laundry Room.


  1. Somehow I expected this to be about the bacon cake...
    But- welcome back! You've been missed!

    1. That's also a well deserved post lol maybe it'll be in the works!

  2. Nice to see you blogging again!

  3. Thanks!! Nice to see you dropping in, too!


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