Monday, January 28, 2013

The Fab 5.

Have you ever heard of The Fab 5? Me neither. Until this weekend, anyways. Apparently they're a group of gorgeous, young, happening, and as the name states - fabulous women....and I'm one of them! Let me explain...

On Friday night I was part of a group that put together a karaoke event in memory of my friend, Ryan 'Quazie' King, who passed away almost eleven years ago. Our goal was to raise money to purchase a memorial bench in his name. After our first attempt with 'Quazie Ball' last Spring, we had raised half of the $5000 needed. Friday we planned 'Quazie-Oke' in hopes of completing the purchase and it was a huge success! WE DID IT!!! 

At the event there were all kinds of people who had enough courage to get up there and let loose with their inner rock stars...I however, was not one of them. I watched these people get up on that stage with such admiration. Some had great voices, some not so great, some brave enough to fly solo and some who chose a duet, serious attempts from people who seemed to be auditioning for American Idol and others who rocked out with hilariously funny songs that had the whole place laughing and singing along. The one thing they all had in common? They were having SO much fun! 

A group of my friends and I had been catching up in the background for a while when we couldn't help but notice the show taking place all around us. We had been joking around and teasing each other about what songs we'd sing or how many drinks we'd need to muster up some liquid courage. Finally, one of my girlfriends Kaitlin, decided she wasn't going to wait any longer and took it upon herself to march up to that DJ and sign us all up for a group performance of  the classic, 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. As she approached us with the 'good news' she declared, "I said we were The Fab 5!!" What?!? Were we really gonna do this? Hmm...why not!? If I was going to get up there and do a little number it might as well be with four of my favorite girls since grade school! I don't think the other three ladies shared the same enthusiasm as Kait and I, so I think I'll start referring to them as the not so fabulous portion of the group ;) sorry girls! 

As we sat around that bar sharing stories, laughing and taking pictures to duplicate ones we took as kids, I kept an ear out for The Fab 5 to be called out over the speakers. The night carried on and song after song was played while those brave performers took the stage. Eventually, the party started to die down and the crowd was dwindling and I began to realize that The Fab 5 might never make their debut. We never did get a chance to sing that night but I do have high hopes for the future of The Fab 5.  Maybe even a new found confidence that'll give me the courage to be one of those people that I had been admiring throughout the night. We've I've already started planning our next girls night and even if it ends up being us standing on the living room couch singing into our hair brushes, I fully intend on making 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' a performance we'll remember forever!

"The Fab 5"
Christy, Lynden, Sophia, Tiffany, Kaitlin

PS. To my group members,
Thank you for a fabulous night out and know that this is not the end...The Fab 5 is making a comeback!! Until next time... xo


  1. The Fab 5 is welcome to join us rock stars anytime. You know you can find us at Rye & Thyme on Wednesdays at 8 PM with DJ Scott Salvi. I will gladly video tape your performance! :-)

    Thanks for being fabulous without your song!
    ~ Sherri

    1. I don't think we can keep up with you all stars but maybe we can make it down for a little singing and a night out anyways :)

    2. Although the video taping part MAY not be necessary!! Lol

  2. Bravo for your bravery! You were ready, willing and waiting! I like the promo fro the CD cover! Waiting.....


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