Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Lately.

Life lately, or more like in the past couple of years, has been full of everything you might think it would with a family of five. Yes, I said five. Because after scrolling through my old posts I realized I sort of jumped from being half way through a pregnancy to all of a sudden being thankful it was Wednesday. Well, somewhere in between all that I did give birth so don't worry, he's not still in there!

 Meet baby Gavin! 
...Who is now 18 months old!

Throughout my pregnancy with Gavin and the time following his birth we also made our way back to Massachusetts, and spent some quality time with my parents. (and by that I mean crashing in their spare bedroom for months until we could close on a house) And finally we did. Back to where we started out and finally settled in our home for over a year now. Amazing how time flies! 

Here's a family picture in our front yard at Mason's 3rd birthday last September

Also in the fall Owen started preschool! He goes right down the street from our house two mornings a week and loves it! He turned five in November but missed the kindergarten cutoff so I've come to realize my already super big boy will probably be the giant in his class next year. I guess no one will mess with him, right? He's also been playing soccer in the Spring and Fall where Eric has been his coach! Mason is still too young but likes to be 'assistant coach' for Daddy. Mason spends most of his time trying to be Owen by getting ready for school and soccer and whatever other thing Owen decides to take an interest in. For now, Owen seems to like the admiration but I'm pretty sure that will turn to annoying far too soon. Maybe at that point Gavin and Mason will bond more? Perhaps when Owen does start kindergarten they'll shift roles in the family...time will tell! Gavin has already started to try and tag along with them lately. He imitates their dance moves, runs after them in the house and will do mostly anything they tell him to. Perfect little brother! Here's some memorable moments of the three of them and some others that I just can't resist! 
P.S. Here's where I get picture crazy...Enjoy! Or don't! :) 
 July, 2011... Playing with their new 'toy'
My three sons <3
Superbowl 2012 reppin' the Pats!!
Why are these guys in my cribby, Ma?
 Wild boys in Spring 2012
 May 2012 visiting the Palmquists in VA
 Boston Fans...Go Red Sox!
 The Brat Pack
Daddy helped build a snowman last month after the storm, and with muscles!!
  Sweet Gavin, waking up with bed head just last week, and playing toys
 Mason on Thanksgiving and then practicing his name!
 Owen's Fall pix, Soccer and First day of preschool!

As for other news, Eric now works for Utz and loves his job in Human Resources! I'm still at the same job as before, stay at home Mama to the crazy, exhausting, adorable little boys and loving it every single day...even when I don't like it! ;) 

Hopefully you enjoyed this little update and now I can feel less guilt about moving forward without acknowledging my third child! Haha! I'm sure there's things I forgot to mention that have probably had some significance along the way, but for now this should suffice. Hope you've all had a great couple of years as well and I look forward to posting again in 2015!!! Just kidding...I hope! 

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  1. Your family has a treasure in you dear Lynden. God has blessed you with His joy and peace. It is in giving that we receive and you are a giver from the heart. Thanks for setting an example for others to envy and enjoy. So many families live in blind dysfunction and deception,missing out on what the 'present' is. So glad you have received the gift of Love and choose to share with all!


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